More service oriented work

Dear Editor,
Witnessing the Mayor of Georgetown receive 30 bicycles from the US Embassy in Georgetown to augment the capability of the City Constabulary in the press recently, filled me with hope that it will change that ragtag law enforcement agency into one that can be regarded as: intense, versatile, professional, and one that can cover almost every known aspect to crime prevention or law enforcement in Georgetown.
One can only hope that they would now employ 60 fresh, intelligent, qualified, honest and capable recruits to work a two-shift patrol in each ward of the city to significantly reduce the current high crime rate. They should also not recycle the old tainted Constables that are accustomed to harassing persons, and shaking down vendors better known as the ‘black bag phenomena by the sardine Police’ for the job as a bike patrol officer.
Bike squads all over the world have allowed for faster officer response times, and in a city as congested as Georgetown, it will allow for the Constabulary members to quickly transition from their traditional law enforcement duties to more service oriented work and because bike patrols run on human power rather than gas, their carbon footprint will be much smaller than the patrol vans they are known for chasing vendors around in.

Jermain Johnson