Mother hopes new year brings justice for murdered son

A woman whose son was found murdered on the roadway almost three weeks ago is hoping that her son’s killer(s) are brought to justice in the new year.
The grieving woman, Seema Sukar said that her life would never be the same since the passing of her son, Keith Andrew Willis.

Dead: Keith Willis

The lifeless body of the 23-year-old father of one was found with a stab wound on the roadway, a short distance from his Lot 374 Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home on December 14, 2020.
Police in a statement said that Willis, called “Ghandi”, a carpenter, left his residence on Sunday, December 13, 2020, to attend a football competition in the community. The game concluded at about 20:30h, after which he went to visit his girlfriend, who resides at Paradise Housing Scheme, ECD.
At about 23:00h, the young man reportedly left his girlfriend’s residence but never reached home. At about 05:30h the following day, December 14, 2020, a resident who was heading to work observed Willis lying motionlessly on the roadway and without hesitation, he summoned the Police.
Police investigations are still ongoing.

Seema Sukar

However, on Sunday, Sukar told Guyana Times that the holiday season was a cruel reminder of her loss and the grief that she has to endure forever. Sukar related that her son worked and supported her since she is a diabetic and suffers from heart-related complications.
“I didn’t even know it was the holiday. Every day, I sit down grieving for my son. My child does be at home giving me medication. I’m not eating anything,” she cried.
“Now I have to look after his [Willis’] child. My son’s killer is still out there. I don’t know why them kill he but I want justice. I need justice for my son. I want the Police to do their work. I want to know why them kill my son.” She added: “Everybody knows he is a very quiet and decent child. He is really helpful. He doesn’t interfere with nobody. He does go he way, he does come he way. He does do mason, he does do painting, he is a mechanic.”
According to Sukar, she raised her son as a single parent and ensured that he was given everything to lead a happy life. “He went to [the technical institute]; he is a certified mechanic. He went in the army and he could operate them Bobcat machine.”
On the morning when her son’s body was discovered, Sukar was at home preparing lunch for her younger son. It was then, three young men went to inquire if Willis was at home.
According to the mother, her younger son accompanied the young men to where Willis’ body was found. She said that he returned and informed her that his brother was stabbed to death.
In the meantime, Sukar is hoping that the Government can assist her with acquiring a house lot. She said that she applied for one close to a decade ago. “I really need a piece of land to move this lil house. I’m hoping that the President, Prime Minister and Housing Minister can look into my problem.”
Meanwhile, the dead man’s older brother, Yanick Willis, had told this publication that his brother was a very jovial, loving, and caring person. He too expressed shock at the gruesome manner in which his brother was killed.
“He was never a bad guy. People around the village can tell you that. He assisted everybody around the village with whatever work he can. I am lost for words. I can’t really explain what going on.” Keith Willis leaves to mourn his mother, two-year-old daughter, and three siblings.