Motion to remove Myers, Mingo and Lowenfield timely and proper

Dear Editor,
I only want to say what I believe is in the minds of right-thinking Guyanese about the way forward for the Guyana Elections Commission and elections in Guyana.
I noticed a report carried in the Wednesday edition of Guyana Times and Stabroek News under the caption “Motion at GECOM seeks removal of Lowenfield, Mingo, Myers”.
I want to say it is about time that this motion should come up for discussion following the disastrous March 2 2020 elections and the aftermath thereof. The motion brought by the three Commissioners is both timely and proper, appropriate and relevant.
It requires a vote in favour of getting rid of GECOM baggage in the form of Keith Lowenfield, Roxanne Mayers and Clairmont Mingo.

These officials tried to change the will of the people and the democratic nature of the polls. They aided and abetted the skullduggery that was happening with the figures at the elections recount.
And who could forget that they defied all instructions from the Chairman of the Commission as they played a game of musical chairs?
I could go on and on about Mingo and his infamous Region 4 declaration, which no doubt would have set the stage for the fraudulent APNU/AFC Government to steal the elections, leaving the Guyanese people truly stunned and upset.
I am saying that GECOM can’t go on without a large-scale shakeup of the staff. GECOM can hardly now be expected to hold any free and fair election with those officials at the helm. Remove them and you will see GECOM come alive with new optimism, because they now hold the whole Secretariat and staff to ransom.
I do not trust them, and the Guyanese people do not hold them in the same esteem as they did in the past. The motion is just the tip of the iceberg in time to come, as the Local Government Elections are scheduled to be held this year.
GECOM needs new blood, with fresh faces that would not compromise their integrity or the law.

Yours truly,
Todd A Morgan