Motorists to benefit from new Shell FuelSave

Shell has come to the aid of Guyanese drivers with the introduction of Shell FuelSave (unleaded and diesel) – a new fuel economy formula designed to last longer at no extra cost.

Presented to retailers and guests at the Guyana Marriott Hotel was the advanced FuelSave formula with Shell’s active efficiency ingredients, during the recent launch hosted by Sol Guyana Inc.

Outgoing General Manager of Sol Guyana, Orlando Boxill, in an address to the gathering, revealed that Shell FuelSave offered tremendous benefits for motorists, improving fuel and engine efficiency “from the first tank”.

Noting that FuelSave was not to be compared to Shell’s flagship V-Power fuel, Boxill pointed out that the comparison would be inappropriate since the fuels were composed differently.

“FuelSave runs on a 92 RON base fuel. While Shell V-Power focuses on power and performance and runs on a 95 RON base fuel,” Boxill expounded, adding that Shell FuelSave Diesel contained special detergents, which had been tested as effective at maintaining clean injectors and engines.

Boxill related that the launch exemplified the company’s policy of providing quality service to its customers

Moreover, drivers taking advantage of the newly-introduced Shell FuelSave economy fuel can now extend the savings from their fuel tanks to their monthly bills with Sol Guyana’s “Save For a Year with Shell FuelSave” promotion and this is according to Liz Wyatt, recently appointed General Manager of Sol Guyana Inc.

The campaign, which commenced on June 9, runs until August 4.

Wyatt explained that customers spending $5000 on Shell FuelSave would receive chances to win up to $100,000 in the Cash Machine during weekly happy hours, while each week a lucky winner would be drawn to have a monthly bill of their choice paid, whether fuel, groceries, utilities or cable, Internet and telephone.