Moving away from the rhetoric of being politically correct

Dear Editor,
When the PPP/C Government was elected to office, it was a solemn oath between them and the people of this country to govern and govern well. It was not a manifesto like the common ones politicians make when they are out of office waiting to get in, that is, we would do this and we will do that, lavishing those high-winded promises just to satisfy the emotions of those their listeners.
That was not the case for the PPP/C, they wanted a change from that deceitful game politicians to play, a moving away from the rhetoric of being politically correct. It means removing oneself from the shallowness and insidious propaganda of politics.
In that regard, the PPP/C formulated a visionary, workable plan for this nation, to fix the present problems as well as to move us forward into the future. It is arduous task that requires great thinking and planning and turning those plans into concrete goals. This takes much effort and when I say much effort, I am talking about working on your plan amidst obnoxious opposition from the main PNC party.
We must not forget that they are always lurking in the shadows to seize that opportunity to malign, tear down, and repudiate every plan there is. For this reason, it makes governance ever so difficult. But, the party in Government has weathered the storm quite admirably, and we are ever so grateful for the effort.
The fundamental principle of governance is that it must not only be in Government, that is, only in the office, closeted and far removed from the people. Government and governance is best demonstrated when it can go down into the highways and byways and be with and among the people, to hear their problems and work out ways in resolving them; this is Government at work.
And I am not speaking of making your presence felt in select communities, I am speaking of a Government for all of Guyana. True governance must be seen and felt in every community in which our people live and dwell. Team PPP/C has been at work with this form of Government in a strong and determined way, and there is only one result that can be gleaned from this effort. We are proud of our Government and wish them all the best in the coming years.

Neil Adams