Moving on…

…from confrontation
Your Eyewitness is beyond ecstatic today at the news he just received from the DPI! He’s practically jumping into the air and clicking his heels!! Moses Nagamootoo decided to make a stand against the PNC’s scuttling of the promises they’d made in the Cummingsburg Accord! Imagine that!! Who’d have thought he’d grow a pair after four years of humiliation and denigration?? But there it was, in black and white, on the DPI’s website, run by his loyal water boy.
The first demand was he be put back in charge of “governance” – covering the entire gamut of governmental activities, rather than just being in charge of a DEPARTMENT peddling propaganda. And even there, the President’s PRO outfit dwarfed his two-bit operation. The worst mortification was having to personally write that weekly column in the Chronic, in which he had to sycophantly simper praises to President Granger. He pointed to the last one he wrote in yesterday’s edition, wherein he had to quote Granger at least four times!!
The second demand was on the related Cummingsburg promise to have him CHAIR Cabinet meetings, rather than having him sit in and twiddle his thumbs. He wasn’t even allowed to report on his work to Cabinet, since he wasn’t running a Ministry but just a Department!! Now he’d probably be able to get back at those snotty PNC Ministers who snickered when he attempted to get a word into any discussion.
But most of all, he insisted that Constitutional Reform begin immediately. He emphasised that it was a promise to the people, and he was a man of his word. Your Eyewitness is sure it had nothing to do with the fact that, in the Manifesto, the constitutional change emphasised that several powers of the president would be hived off and passed on to the Prime Minister. Which just happened to be Nagamootoo.
To demonstrate that he was a “son of the soil” and a “man of the people”, Nagamootoo declared he would not be so ostentatious in public displays of his high status. He’d cut down the number of outriders that heralded his approach from twelve to eight!! He allowed that, sadly, he couldn’t reduce his whopping multi-million-dollar monthly salary, because then the Government would have to reduce the newly-conferred super pension of Hamilton Green. He didn’t want to embarrass that elder statesman, to whom he felt the PPP was very vindictive not to have awarded an Order of Roraima. He’d helped rectify that, hadn’t he?
Finally, he announced he’d apologise to those 7,000 fired sugar workers whom he’d led up the garden path!
Can’t believe this, dear reader?? Well, this is April Fool’s Day, isn’t it?

…with the new math
Finance Minister Jordan has a droll sense of humour, but he keeps it well hidden, doesn’t he!! Take his “announcement” that GDP growth for last year was 4.1 per cent, and even exceeded the optimistic 3.4 per cent he’d projected back then. I know you thought, dear reader, that the man was off his rocker – but he anticipated April Fool’s Day! After all, sugar has tanked – even the Chronic’s article on Jordan’s projection quotes the CDB as saying it’s shrunk by 30 per cent.
Bauxite is flat, with the Trump’s Deripaksha sanctions causing RUSAL not to ship for six months. Production at Guyana Goldfields, the largest producer, has shrunk and precipitated a shakeup in that company. Businesses have reported a slowdown in sales; yet President Granger – probably using the same new math that Jordan used — says they don’t know what they’re talking about!!
You don’t know what “new math” your Eyewitness is talking about? It’s the same one that was used to decide that 33 isn’t greater than 32!!
So each sector shrank, and yet the economy’s growth increased
…with house to house
Even with a 60 per cent approval rate for the 72,000 who applied for US visitors’ visas, that means 43,000 were out in 2018 just to one destination.
If the same number of persons are out of the country this year during HtH registration, what’s their voting fate??