Moving on …with politics

It’s said that “life must go on”. And if life goes on, so will politics. You just can’t get around that!! And your Eyewitness isn’t talking about esoteric views of politics like it’s present in every type of relationships, since they’re all about power – and politics is about power. Nah…in Guyana, the regular garden variety of politics, that involves parties hustling for voters to elect them to office, is a 24/7/365 kinda activity!! We might just be the most politicised spot on planet Earth – and we ARE just a spot!!
Everyone says that Local Government Elections (LGEs) don’t attract much attention from voters – and the numbers since 1994 – when they were returned – tend to support that view. But somebody forgot to tell the PPP that!! They’ve been going all out – and then some! – to canvass voters all across the country – with officials from all levels holding meetings, making house-to-house visits, and nailing party flags on anything that doesn’t move!
On Friday, VP – but more importantly, PPP’s General Secretary – Jagdeo convened a massive meeting in Leonora that matched anything held during the General Elections. Held at the Kowsilla Community Park to evoke a critical moment in the party’s history, the faithful – and the new converts – came out in droves in a sea of red, waving their flags to make waves in that sea!! That the incumbent President is from Leonora – with his house a stone’s throw away – couldn’t have hurt!! If that wasn’t a rally, then your Eyewitness would like to know what is!!
Then there continues to be the steady handout of titles to house lots and turnkey houses. Plus the announcement that “Because we care” cash grants to schoolchildren that will be made on June 5 – a week before the LGE!! And whatever’s said with a straight face, we know that wasn’t serendipity – that was politics, baby!! The $40,000 grant will be distributed to each child registered in the school system – public or private – 214,000 of them!! That’s $8.6 billion that’ll go into the hands of parents to end up in the cash registers of the businesses catering to school paraphernalia!!
Now, some may say – and the Opposition CERTAINLY will! – that this ain’t fair. But all is fair in love and war – and politics is war by other means, ain’t it?? All incumbent governments direct their spending with an eye towards harvesting votes – and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Some say the tragic arson at Mahdia might cause some interior votes to wander. But your Eyewitness thinks not – and it has nothing to do with the fact that the school was grilled by the PNC Government.
The PPP went all out to show they cared: concretely!

…with the LGE
While the LGE is scheduled for June 12, it’s traditional for the Joint Services to vote earlier, so that they can be available to carry out their duties on that day. The Joint Services comprise the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Prison Service and the Guyana Fire Service. GECOM announced that 9,093 persons were eligible to vote.
From the numbers available, there are 4150 in the GDF; about 5000 in the GPF and 500 in the GPS. The number in the GFS is unknown, but gotta be at least 300. Seems the 2000 Police Constabulary and 2000 Guyana Peoples Militia aren’t included.
So, your Eyewitness wonders why so many from the Joint Services weren’t “eligible”. This early voting invariably causes some confusion, because the ballots have to be disaggregated to be sent on June 12 to the polling stations where the personnel reside!!
Some folks get all bassidy when they see all these ballots being dumped into the mix to be counted!!

…or not??
It doesn’t look like the squatter-Government confrontations will cease. Imagine, there were some evictions by a private owner executing a Court Order authorising her to reclaim her land – yet the Govt was blamed for Police support actions!!