Mr Fried Chicken needs to apologise to Hindu community for insensitive packaging

Dear Editor,
The management of Mr Fried Chicken at Rose Hall Town, Berbice has recently come under scrutiny following an incident that has been deemed as disrespectful to the Hindu community.
Chicken, which was sold in packaging featuring the Hindu Aum and Trishul symbols, has raised concerns over the improper use of sacred religious imagery. This unfortunate incident has prompted community members to call for the intervention of the Ethnic Relations Commission, seeking a resolution befitting the cultural diversity that forms the foundation of Guyana’s society.
The Commission plays an essential role in safeguarding harmony among all ethnic and religious groups in the nation, and its intervention in this matter is widely anticipated. The mishandling of religious symbols carries implications that cannot be ignored, as it undermines the principle of respect and inclusivity that is expected within a multicultural society.
The Hindu community, one of the largest religious groups in Guyana, has expressed disappointment and distress over the insensitivity displayed through the use of these symbols for the purpose of packaging.
Mr Fried Chicken should be responsible and respectful as a member of the business community, and is hereby urged to extend a sincere and unambiguous apology to the Hindu community for this incident. Acknowledgment of the unintended offence caused will go a long way in rectifying this situation and reaffirming the values of unity and respect that Guyanese citizens hold dear.
Hinduism, like all other faiths practised in Guyana, deserves to be treated with reverence and dignity. The misappropriation of sacred symbols can be distressing to faithful individuals, and can disrupt social cohesion. Encouraging cultural sensitivity, and fostering an environment of understanding and empathy should be priorities for all members of the community.
The Ethnic Relations Commission is humbly requested to investigate this matter, and provide necessary guidance for the appropriate course of action that promotes healing, unity, and the prevention of future incidents of this nature. The Commission’s intervention in this instance would serve as a reminder to all businesses to uphold ethical practices that reflect the diversity and richness of Guyanese society.
It is our hope that Mr Fried Chicken, in collaboration with the Ethnic Relations Commission, would resolve this issue promptly, allowing for an inclusive and respectful environment that celebrates all citizens while cultivating stronger interfaith relations.

APNU+AFC members