Mr Granger fetching a crowd!

Dear Editor,
The PNC/APNU clan is utilising an overworked strategy in attempt to counter their justified rejection after abandoning Lindeners and other support bases. The sinister approach targets creating the illusion that they are actually doing better politically than the facts support. This is evidenced by their now-familiar entourage approach of putting up a front and ferrying their paid hard-core members to meetings across the country, in a futile attempt to sway public belief that they are being supported to cover up discernable, widespread citizen rejection.
By now, the public has realised that they are up to no good, and would breach the entire rulebook to ritualise a backdoor approach to remaining illegally in power. Their objectionable behaviour is correctly treated with disgust by citizens, so much that the illegal regime is now advantaging the use of school children and unsuspecting sports personalities to dishonestly draw attention. Mr Christopher Gayle has recently publicly clarified that the low-handed, under-the-deck players clandestinely duped him into believing that the organisers were taking him to meet fans.
Many citizens have long identified with their false promise and bullish approach, and have made up their minds that the uncompromising and ruthless lawlessness of this Granger-led clan has to go. There is, however, a measured hesitancy amongst our citizens to publicly demonstrate their objections, on which the cabal have capitalised to this point. While this allowance by citizens will never be permanent, it is related to the fears that are obviously linked to the usual political masturbation and persecution that has emerged as a major character trait of the innate design of PNC/APNU regime. There is no doubt that Mr Granger and his clan are acutely aware of their rejected status and they have moved to counter by fetching a crowd.
It is quite amazing, however, that the cabal using taxpayer’s money would move to disrupt citizen’s normal objective pursuits to draw attention and seek audiences. In this instance, they utilised barricades to close off the entire bloc around the market, the car park and the entire business community, days before the actual event last Saturday. Like the previous 2018 fiasco in Vreed-en-Hoop where the regime caused over 200 vehicles to cross the Harbour Bridge toll-free, the fuelled up David Granger PNC train went to Linden in Region 10. It is clear that Mr Granger and his PNC/APNU understand the right of the people to picket Granger and his created illegality, and the now-imposed barrier protection. However, there was no need to block off the entire area two days before a meeting.
Lindeners, at large, boycotted the Granger meeting because there are no jobs and the UNBELIEVABLE crime rate, due to the lack of concern by this APNU/AFC regime. It is a fact that while in Government, Mr Granger and his team effectively continued their Opposition mantra by deliberately closing down Guyana’s first call centre placed in Linden under the then President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo. At the time, it did not matter to this vindictive cabal that the impact would realise the loss of jobs for one hundred and forty-three young Lindeners.
Additionally, the closure resulted in another seventy-nine persons, who worked as cleaners, handymen, and labourers at the centre, being been kicked to the curb. It is sad to say that the PNC people, who were put in charge of the closure, illegally removed and stole all of the valuable equipment and accessories. Shame on Mr Granger to be begging the people of Linden for a chance and now announcing that he will re-open the PPP/C-instituted call centre at the same venue in Kara Kara.
It is of particular note that the APNU/AFC allocated millions of dollars in the 2017 budget towards another false promise to build a state-of-the-art synthetic track in Linden. To date, only some drains and a few loads of sand are visible at the site on the Wismar shore of the Demerara River. They also budgeted for the development of several Community Centres and playfields. To date, nothing is visible for the residents to benefit from.
The evidence of blatant abuse of State resources for party campaigning purposes was uncaringly obvious at the PNC party activity in Linden. The National Sports Commission Bus, bought by the PPP/C to facilitate National Sports programmes by the National Sports Commission was seen transporting PNC supporters from Georgetown to Linden. When the PNC activists saw citizens taking out photographs of the bus, they bullishly threatened to take away the citizens’ phones.
The bus, along with more than fifty other vehicles that transported people from Georgetown and as far as Berbice, were subsequently moved by their respective drivers from the nearby vicinity to a far-out area. The movement of the busses provoked the older people, resulting in an embarrassing ranting, shouting and cursing out at a level never witnessed in Linden before. At the same time and against the backdrop of an erupted systemic banditry and other crimes all across Guyana, Mr Granger conflictingly spoke that his Government has achieved and restored calm and peace. Along with many citizens, I am absolutely convinced that his grey matter has eroded beyond rationality.
The PNC/APNU meeting in Linden was an absolute disgrace as the residents have shown that their abandonment by likes of David Granger and his cabal is not forgotten. Lindeners have largely demonstrated their disapproval having come to the stark realisation that they were much better off under the PPP/C. Mr Granger can continue to fetch his barriers, bags of empty promises and a crowd. However, once bitten, twice shy! We in Linden want the PPP/C.

Andrew Forsythe