Much ado…

…about Republic Day
Some members of the Opposition – who aren’t even sure of their own standing in their places in their parties – are going on about not being invited to the Republic Day commemoration event. Well, your Eyewitness knows that these affairs aren’t supposed to involve every Tom, Dick or Harrilall (HE wasn’t invited!!) – just the Government and Opposition. But he understands the Government looked high and low for the Opposition Leader – which, of course, represents the entire Opposition – to extend the invitation, but just couldn’t because – surprise!! – there AIN’T no Opposition Leader!!
Seriously folks, protocols are involved, and is it the Government’s job to figure out who’s the REAL LoO?? They couldn’t send the invitation to Harmon, cause he resigned! And they certainly couldn’t send it to Norton, since the Representative of the List, Granger, hasn’t done the constitutional thing and informed GECOM who’s the LoO! We all know Nicolette Henry pulled that cruel gag on Norton to let him believe she was resigning to open up a seat for him in the National Assembly!! Only to (figuratively) shout gleefully, “Gotcha!!!” Wait till end of March – presumably so he wouldn’t have to worry about the Ides of March!!
But your Eyewitness had read somewhere that Simona “Fried Rice” Broomes had also resigned. Has the Clerk been informed? Is the way clear for Granger to do a Spike Lee and “Do the Right Thing”? Who knows? Nobody’s talking – least of all those Opposition types complaining about no invites! But what we know for sure is there is no Opposition Leader and no one to send any invitation to. So, the point that must be made and emphasised is: as far as who’s responsible for the Opposition not being there to salute our Golden Arrowhead, the blame isn’t on the PPP Government. In this – as in everything else they’re fumbling over – they’re their own worst enemies!!
But what was worse is that they’re complaining about not being allowed to commemorate us becoming a Republic when, by their actions, they’re proving they have ABSOLUTELY no idea about what a Republic’s all about. So, a reminder: it means we’ve SEVERED our ties to our colonial masters. We’re masters of our fate and captains of our destiny, and all that. So, when the Opposition hangs on to every word of some report from USAID on our REPUBLIC, it’s almost treasonable and certainly unrepublican!!
Jeez, how can they, on one hand, say the USA was “interfering’ to’ve condemned their elections rigging, but now praise their call for “shared governance”? On Republic Day!!
But really, this is the PNC, and the only way they know to act is to be opportunistic. Remember how they got power back in the 1960s?

…about “invasions”
The burning question right now (pun intended!) is: Where will the West draw their line – literally – in Ukraine? The Ruskies – asserting their “historical” ties and such like – rolled into the Ukraine from the air, sea and land. They’d already done so from hyperspace by jamming the Ukraine’s electronic defence systems. Right now, it ain’t much different from when Napoleon rolled into Moscow – mano a mano!! Or tried to do so!! Putin has played a long game, and is finishing up what can now be seen as a gambit in Crimea in 2014.
As your Eyewitness has been emphasising forever, we should be concerned because Russia might create a diversion right next door by arming Venezuela. Maduro’s probably itching to get back at their “Great Satan”, and wouldn’t need much convincing to rattle his sabres (and MIGs) on our western border. But just as troubling is whether Russia’s actions will convince China to make a move on Taiwan.
Their “reasons” are a mirror image of Putin’s!!

…about oil prices
Even if Russia and Ukraine weren’t among the biggest suppliers of petroleum products on planet earth, the Ukraine Crisis would’ve jolted the energy markets.
So, our silver lining from THAT dark cloud is Brent’s now over US$100/barrel!