Murder trial commences

Old Year’s Day killing

The trial of Albouystown, Georgetown resident Steve Allicock, who allegedly killed Wendell Tappin, commenced before Justice Navrindra Singh at the High Court on Wednesday.
Tappin died on Old Year’s Day 2009 after he was chopped and stabbed about the body following an alleged altercation with the accused.
Police Detective Sergeant Osmond Semple was the first to take the witness stand on Wednesday and testified to carrying out investigations on Tappin’s murder. Semple told the 12-member jury that he, along with a party of Policemen, went to James Street, Albouystown where spots of what appeared to be blood were

Murder accused: Steve Allicock

discovered near a parked truck. The Detective Sergeant stated that persons in the area did not give him any useful information. Nevertheless, photographs of the crime scene were taken. Semple also testified that he witnessed the post-mortem examination (PME) of Tappin with his family members and uplifted the PME report which was tendered as evidence at Wednesday’s hearing. The witness further testified to putting the murder allegation to several male members of the Allicock family, including Steve Allicock, who is currently on trial.
Fellow Policeman Adrian Jeffery also testified on Wednesday. He explained that he was on patrol when he received information on the murder. He too testified to proceeding to James Street to investigate.
Policeman Jeffery told the court that he saw bystanders and made enquiries of them about the incident, later noting that he contacted several male members of the Allicock family, who were arrested and taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station.
The accused has denied the State’s case that he killed Tappin on December 31, 2009 at Hill Street, Albouystown. Allicock’s uncle, Randolph Allicock, and father, Leonard Allicock, had all been charged with the murder of Tappin. Reports are on the day of the killing, Tappin, of Lot 88 James Street, Albouystown, reportedly had an altercation with the three before he was stabbed and chopped. Tappin was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. State Prosecutor Tuanna Hardy is leading the State’s case with assistance from Tamica Clarke and Seeta Bishundial. Meanwhile, Defence Attorney Maxwell McKay is representing the accused. One of the three accused has since been acquitted. Six witnesses are slated to testify throughout the trial.