“My master told me to do it” – suspect

Belvedere Corentyne murder

On Wednesday, a Belvedere labourer almost decapitated his neighbour by chopping her several times to the neck.
The dead woman is Bhumattie Delall, 53, of 351 5th Street, South Belvedere.
Moments later police arrested the suspect who after committing the gruesome act went across the street to his home and awaited the lawmen. He is identified as Jainarine Balgobin called “Boyo”.
Investigators were told by Balgobin that he was told to commit the act.
He reportedly told police his “master” sent him to kill her.
Reports are that Balgobin told investigators that he took a cutlass from the altar and went to Delall’s home and called her out of the house, he then went into the kitchen where he found the woman and committed that act.
The man, who showed no remorse or emotion, told investigators when he had finished his ‘job’ he went back to the Madir and placed the cutlass back on the altar. Blood was still dripping from the blade when police collected it.
Curious neighbours who saw the man in the mandir related that Balgobin had a ‘murti’ in his hand as blood dripped from the blade onto the altar.
The cane harvester who also does odd jobs and attends the Shri Maha Kali Hindu Temple is said to be of unsound mind when investigators interviewed him.
Balgobin is expected to appear before a Berbice Magistrate today.
Meanwhile, Delall who was divorced and unemployed, took care of a 26-year-old daughter, Purnime Nandram and her two children.
She leaves to mourn two children and two grandchildren including a 2-year-old who witnessed the chopping.