My mother is a lady too!

Dear Editor,
There is a news item that seems stuck in time and not going anywhere. It is the statement made by a Minister of Government to another Parliamentarian regarding the use of, or lack thereof, of a dildo.
This remark has had a profound effect on certain news sources and other politically-aligned female groups. They are of the opinion that the said Minister is base, is very disrespectful to women on the whole, and should be removed from office forthwith!
Pretty strong words for a Minister, who himself has a mother, but this aspect of the Minister is not taken into account when that feline mob is on the attack. So, I did my own background checks on the matter, and was pleasantly surprise to know that a remark was made earlier regarding the said Minister’s mother, which brought the dildo response.
Not one of the groups who are up in arms made mention of this, only sticking to their planned agenda of bringing him in for the dildo response he made. Well, my take on this is that there should not be any reference to someone’s mother, victim or accused; it is quite demeaning to do so.
And speaking on that subject, I must say that to make the reference to one’s mother is a despicable act, something we all should desist from doing. Yours truly is a bass drum when it comes to such actions, my social media platform is replete with people calling my mother names in the most degrading adjectives you can think about. These vile remarks pop up whenever some political vagrant is cornered with the truth, and it always comes from the known suspects in society.
So, I am well aware of this. Like the Minister, I am tempted to respond in kind, but shy away from it, and leave them to their own degrading fate.
I am sure that if the person so aggrieved had made a point of order to the Speaker, there would have been some redress by way of a retraction of the statement, or an apology to that effect. But none of that has been done; there has only been sticking to the backward method of a trial media, or what I would categorise as standpipe justice. How much success that would bring is left to be seen.

Neil Adams