NAACIE’s accounts were previously audited until current GS

Dear Editor,
I have read the article captioned “NAACIE Executive removes General Secretary over misconduct, abuse of powers,” in Monday’s edition of Guyana Times. Having carefully read the article, I find it to be a very good report, except for the final paragraph which states “It was reported at the time that NAACIE, whose constituency caters largely to sugar workers, was also featured on the list, having outstanding returns from 1947 to 1969 and then from 1978 to 2018.”
As former General Secretary of NAACIE, I want clarify that the information stated in the final paragraph of the report is inaccurate. When I demitted office in 2002, the Accounts of NAACIE were audited and certified by the Auditor General and up to date. Similarly, up to date Annual Returns of NAACIE were submitted to the Registrar of Trade Unions, during the period. I must also mention that prior to my taking office as General Secretary of NAACIE, the books and accounts were up to date and fully audited by the Auditor General and the same holds for our Annual Returns to the Registrar of Trade of Trade Unions. It is very important to understand that NAACIE could not have properly held more than 40 Annual Delegates’ Conference during that period (1947 to 1969 and then from 1978 to 2018) and held Executive Council meetings without updated audited accounts. It would have been in violation of the Constitution of NAACIE. This information can be verified with the Office of the Auditor General.
It must be on record that NAACIE was a strong advocate for trade union democracy and accountability. We were always the first trade union to submit its accounts for audit and the first to receive a certified audited report from the Auditor General’s Office. We have always been proud our accountability.
When the late Mr Kenneth Joseph left Office, NAACIE’s Accounts were audited and certified by the Auditor General up to the year 2015. Annual Returns were submitted to the Registrar of Trade unions.
My understanding is that the 2016 accounts are currently with the Auditor General’s Office and that the Audit Department has been awaiting feedback regarding the accounts from the former General Secretary, Dawchan Nagasar, without any success. Further, since Mr Nagasar assumed office as General Secretary, he did not produce any audited financial statement up to the time of his removal from office. Hence, the demand of the Union’s Executive Council for the intervention of the Auditor General.

Kaisree Takechandra
Former General Secretary NAACIE