National award for democracy is most welcome

Dear Editor,
It was on the 2nd March, 2020 when elections were held and nine parties contested. The count was deemed to be free, fair and credible, but the process of tabulating the votes was widely seen to have been fraudulent.
The drama went on for five months, I called it the Guy 2020 movie, one of the best I have seen, and it ended on 2nd August, 2020 when the PPP’s Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali was sworn in as the 9th Executive President of the Republic of Guyana, with Brigadier Mark Phillips as Prime Minister.
In the words of a former Prime Minister of Jamaica: “I have never seen a more transparent attempt to alter the results of an election.”
Hats off to all the foreign governments, observer groups and local democracy group. The national award for democracy announced by His Excellency is most welcome.

Yours cooperatively,
Parmanand Ram