NDC overseer fired; not working for the interest of community – Dharamlall

Overseer of 52-74 Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Ravindra Dass has been fired.
Local Government and Regional Development Minister Nigel Dharamlall confirmed that the Local Government Commission took action after several complaints about his performance.
This publication has published several stories on questionable activity by officials of that NDC.

Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall

Among them were the removal of sand from the Number 63 Beach, which was then sold to contractors but not recorded in the NDC’s financial documents, the purchase of 250 tonnes of crusher-run by the NDC which engineers said was less than claimed by the overseer, expenditure of funds from the NDC to clean the Macondo Canal which residents said was not cleaned for years, alleged fake receipts issued to cattle owners for the release of impounded animals and also the soliciting of funds for Christmas parties for children.
According to Dharamlall, the Local Government Ministry has been working in accordance with the mandate given by President Dr Irfaan Ali on issues that deal with discipline.
It was outlined that persons will make mistakes and have errors in judgement but when they become a norm, and detrimental, action has to be taken.
“There has been many complaints at the 52-74 in terms of how the organisation is managed and the Local Government Commission took action against the overseer,” Dharamlall said.

52-74 NDC Overseer Ravindra Dass

Meanwhile, plans are afoot the have the NDC split.
The 52-74 is currently the largest NDC in the country. In 2016 the NDC had called for a larger subvention from the Government, arguing that because of its size, it should have a larger subvention.
The Local Government Ministry has called out the NDC, saying it had not been utilising its financial resources in the best possible ways. “We believe that splitting 52-74 into two NDCs will help in better administration of the area to the two areas. The new NDC will be 52 to 63 and 64 to 74.”
The split can only take effect with Local Government Elections. (G4)