New… Mad malevolence

This guy Mad Maduro just doesn’t know when to stop, does he?? Here it is that he was thrown a lifeline by the Yanks when they lifted their sanctions and allowed Chevron and some EU majors to start pumping and shipping oil again. But does Mad Maduro observe the prudent rule that when “you hand in tigah mout’, you muss pat ‘e head”?? Nah!! He’s more concerned with holding onto power by any means necessary – including provoking an American attack that he believes would have Venezuelans rallying behind him!! Never mind that even if there’s no intervention, the renewal of sanctions at the end of April will once again plunge his country further into oblivion!
As part of his “annexation” of Essequibo, he’d served notice to Exxon to halt its production at Lisa 1 and 2 because they were in waters off “his” Essequibo!! He’s also instructed the “governor” he’d appointed to rule Essequibo to start offering licences to other oil companies to start drilling in the area!! This is a Mad Maduro who saw with his own eyes his country’s production plummet from 3 million barrels per day to less than 700,000 in 2022 because the majors were pushed out!! His PDVSA just doesn’t have the capabilities or capital!! With Chevron and the EU companies back, that’s been upped to 795,000, and yet he just won’t stop pissing off the Americans!
This Wednesday, his Minister of Defence, Vladimir Padrino, reacted to Exxon’s announcement that, later this year, they’ll start drilling some new wells off the Essequibo waters – into which the Stabroek Block extends. The irony is that contrary to Mad Maduro’s claims, Lisa 1 and 2 and are NOT in those waters!! Vladmir warned that if ExxonMobil goes ahead, Venezuela will take action.
“If ExxonMobil has a private security company represented by the Southern Command, and a unit of the Government of Guyana in the maritime space that by right belongs to Venezuela, they will receive a proportional forceful and legal response,” he said smarmily on X.
Mad Maduro’s VP, Delcy Rodriguez – who’s determined to show her boss that she’s a good attack dog, had to chime in, of course. She had the chutzpah to scream that Exxon’s announcement was a breach of the Argyle Declaration!! Imagine that!! Massing troops, tanks, warships and jet fighters off Essequibo wasn’t a breach…but planning to drill is!!
But the Yanks ain’t that stupid to actually invade Venezuela because of threats to Exxon and “get bad name” of the Ugly American throwing its weight around. Knowing that there are several ways to skin a cat, they’ll focus on Mad Maduro’s breach of the Barbados Agreement to facilitate free and fair elections.
They’ll invade to protect democracy for the Venezuelan people!!

…armed capabilities
Folks must’ve questioned the $42 billion allocation to our Disciplined forces – half of it to purchase new planes, drones, helicopters and a patrol boat. Pressie was asked if we’re in an “arms race” against Mad Maduro and Venezuela. Pressie, of course, immediately shot down that notion. After all, after Chavez broke relations with the US, he and Mad Maduro purchased more than US$30 BILLION worth of war materiel from Russia and China.
In manpower alone, Venezuela has 123,000 armed personnel – 63,000 in the Army, 25,550 in the Navy, and 11,550 in the Air Force, with an additional 23,000 in the National Guard. From the billions spent, they have top-of-the-line tanks, amphibious craft from China, plus fighter jets and drones galore from Russia. Compare this to our 5000 or so armed men and women at best!!
But what Pressie is saying is that while Venezuela might have the numbers, we have the tactical freedom to defend our borders.
Including calling in good friends!

Happy days are here with the friendly skies just getting friendlier!! Sky-High Aviation Services will launch three weekly flights connecting the Dominican Republic with Guyana, beginning on February 18. But your Eyewitness suspects more Guyanese will be vacationing in DR than vice versa!!