New, modernised system needed at GECOM to eliminate electoral fraud

Dear Editor,
From all indications, Local Government Elections slated for 2021 in Guyana would not be held, reasons being the inordinate delays and impediments placed in the way of the process. Those matters that impeded the smooth running of the process was carved and initiated by the Opposition themselves, who are now making the robust call for the very same LGE to be held immediately.
They cannot have it both ways, it is either they withdraw the election petitions, two in number, and let the process move on smoothly, and stop the sabre- rattling. But even if the petition is withdrawn, it still does not take away from the fact that the other cases involving top brass in the commission would have to be heard and successfully concluded before we can proceed with anything close to an LGE.
Other matters, such as electoral reforms, would have to be dealt with now to remove that dark cloud that hangs over elections held here in Guyana: the rigging, the shameless fraudulent transactions, and all that goes with it. I am talking about a new and modernised system wherein all niches involving electoral fraud are removed, so that we can have a clean and efficiently functioning system.
Our sincere desire is to have a system free from all encumbrances, and one in which we can have results in record time. In this regard, I am advocating a system whereby we can vote via machines, as is done in the USA and other developed countries. Machine-voting takes away the power of corrupt returning officers to unduly influence the outcome of elections, and eliminates the incidence of rigging.
What transpired during and after the March 2nd 2020 polls certainly cannot take place in a vote-by-machine system; it just wouldn’t happen. The foolishness that consumed our time this last election would have been eliminated completely. So, between the court cases and the next LGE, we would have enough time for voter education and the proper use of these machines for the successful run-off of the next LGE.

Neil Adams