New remigrant housing plan being crafted – Minister

Housing and Water, Hon Collin Croal has announced that the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is crafting a new remigrant plan.
The Minister was at the time speaking during an interview on Farook Juman’s Live Broadcast.

Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal

This announcement follows an appeal by President Dr Irfaan Ali to Guyanese in the diaspora to return as the Government commits to enabling an environment for economic prosperity.
“Our Government has been encouraging persons to come back and as His Excellency said, not just to come back but that you re-invest so that we benefit from much more expansion of investments across our country,” Croal is quoted as saying.
While a remigrant housing policy was previously in place, allocations through that plan have been exhausted. Therefore, a new plan is being designed, which will offer more opportunities.
“We are working on another scheme for remigrants and because as I said, we cater for everyone when we make allocations and remigrants have been something that we encourage and so, we have something that we are working on,” he added.
Croal, according to a Department of Public Information report, also noted that the remigrant housing scheme will in no way reduce opportunities for Guyanese living in Guyana. He said provisions have been made in both the new and existing housing schemes to ensure that 50,000 citizens benefit from sustainable housing over the next five years.
The remigrant programme will cater for both house and land allocations ranging from low income to high income. The Minister expects that this will result in an expansion of private-public partnerships that would boost the housing sector. He invited Guyanese in the diaspora who are interested in benefiting to visit the CH&PA webpage and apply online.
Once the application has been completed and submitted, an interview will be scheduled, which can also be done virtually.
The Government’s remigration plan is multidimensional. In addition to adequate housing programmes and providing a sustainable economy, a Remigration Brochure was also introduced recently.
It was launched through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud said the Brochure will fill any information gaps persons may encounter and is available online and at all Guyanese missions and embassies.
Applicants can also track their applications online and be privy to exemptions for which they may qualify.