New traffic arrangement along EBD corridor causes major traffic build-up

In light of a fatal accident along the Agricola Public Road, Greater Georgetown, on Tuesday while the third lane for northbound traffic was activated, the police implemented new traffic measures resulted in a massive build-up of traffic that lasted for almost three hours.
With the new arrangements, the traffic moved at snail’s pace and in some instances came to a complete halt. This resulted in commuters venting their frustration with the new arrangements.
But the Guyana Police Force has since apologised for the interruption of the free flow of traffic. In a release issued hours later, the Force stated: “The Guyana Police Force wishes to apprise the general public that after a brief interruption of free flow of traffic on the East Bank corridor which was caused by heavy motor lorries traversing, traffic is now flowing at a normal pace.”
Further, the police stated that all measures which were put in place by the Force’s Traffic Department along the East Bank corridor were not done in any way to stymie the flow of traffic but rather to ensure that commuters, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians be safe when using the roadway.
“The Force wishes to also state that throughout the peak periods there will be a high visibility of Traffic Ranks to assist in regulating the traffic flow,” the police added.
On Tuesday 34-year-old Kevin Monderson of Lot 16 Tucville Squatting Area, Georgetown, died hours after he was struck down by a truck at Agricola, Greater Georgetown.
It was reported that Monderson was struck down by the truck which was heading to Georgetown at about 07:00h. At the time, the third lane for northbound traffic was activated.
The driver told investigators that while in the vicinity of Agricola “roadhead”, he observed a man standing on the median, but the man suddenly attempted to cross the road without paying attention to the southbound traffic.
As such, he walked into the path of the truck, thus causing a collision. As a result, he fell to the roadway, and the truck’s rear right wheel ran over both of his legs.
He was picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the GPHC in critical condition. He had also suffered severe head injuries and internal bleeding. He died while being treated in the Emergency Unit of the medical facility