NGSA top student pledges to continue excellent performance

By Shemuel Fanfair

Aryan Singh of Dharmic Rama Krishna Primary School, a lad who shared the nation’s top position at the recently announced National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), said he intended to continue in the same vein to achieve outstanding results.
In an interview with Guyana Times on Tuesday, the young man revealed that he would utilise a similar approach to maintain a high level of performance when he entered secondary school in the new school term.

Top student Aryan Singh
Top student Aryan Singh

“I plan to do the same thing I’ve been doing – normal revision. I don’t intend to do anything special because if you do that, you get nervous,” he posited.
He recalled that upon writing his exams, he was nervous but he was able to overcome his fears and end up being successful.
When the results were announced on July 5, Singh had secured a total score of 568 marks, earning him a place at Queen’s College. The young man related that he was especially satisfied to know that he attained the highest marks in Mathematics and Social Studies.
When asked about his feelings on being a top achiever, Singh observed that he was at first astonished.
“It feels amazing, electrifying; I was extremely shocked at first, but when it got into my mind, I was overjoyed…my mom was shocked but was calm – I was crying,” the lad explained.
He pointed out that it was his teacher, Padminie Geewan who helped to motivate him for the NGSA.
“She really did push the whole class to their potential,” the young man said.
He further related that any student with the right approach and effort can achieve success at their exams: “I would encourage them that anybody can be at the top, once you do your work and revise and don’t over pressure yourself.”
Singh’s mother, Prithi Singh told this publication that she, his father, sister and grandmother all feel proud of his achievement.
“Everybody in the family is extremely happy. He was a very disciplined and focused child, and he was also taking part in karate and is taking part in several international tournaments. We didn’t have many problems with him – only the games,” she expressed.
She also related that her son was encouraged to study an hour before bed every evening.
The National Grade Six Assessment, which was written on April 27 and 28 earlier this year, saw 14,386 candidates participating.