Nigel factor… in Britain

Well, we’ve had some time to digest the elections results in dear old Blighty which taught all we wanted to know about “democracy” – and quite a bit about hypocrisy, innit?? That’s right…what we do in public should NEVER offer a clue about what we do in private!! Gotta keep up the forms, don’t we?? So we saw the Labour Party steamroll all over the Conservatives (Tories) with 440 seats to the Tories 137 in a 660-seat House!! That’s just about two-thirds of the seats – and if Britain had a Constitution, they coulda changed it with a bump. Like their apt student Burnham did here back in the day!!
But when we look at the raw numbers we get a different story!! Labour actually only got 34% of the votes – yet collected 63% of the seats while the Tories snagged 24% of the votes for 19% of the seats!! But the most glaring gap between votes and seats was the performance of Reform UK – the rightwing Tory offshoot led by Nigel Farage – that had led the Brexit pullout!! They polled 14% of the votes yet got less than a measly 1% of the seats – 5!! That’s the very same situation that we faced back in the 1960s when our British overlords decided that the First Past the Post (FPTP) wasn’t fair to the PNC. They arbitrarily introduced PR and the rest – as they say – is history!!
Well, over in Blighty, Nigel Farage – who’d ly out all immigrants to Rwanda, especially coloured ones – is protesting the same unfairness and want “electoral reform”!! He want a system just like us – a mix of FPTP and PR!! But you know that ain’t never gonna happen: what’s fair for the goose ain’t fair for the gander – and the gander just gotta lump it!! Now while most of the analysts are blaming Sunak’s handling of the economy for his terrible performance – the worst in the history of the Tories!! – a closer look is warranted.
Firstly, if Farage’s Reform UK’s votes hadn’t siphoned off so many votes from the Tories, the latter’s performance coulda been much more respectable – at least MORE popular votes than Labor (38% to 34%)!! But the Reform UK’s race-driven campaign – several of their activists had to be pulled up and pulled out fo their racist statements!! – had to’ve played a big role in Sunak’s loss because of his race!! No one wants to talk about this. But back in the day – when Theresa May resigned and the Tories were looking around for a replacement – hadn’t the polls shown that while the Tory MPs wanted Sunak, the rank and file DIDN’T??
And that’s the dirty (not-so-) secret that’s been swept beneath the British carpet!! Can’t say such things in public!!

…in Guyana
And in the meantime, while we gear up for elections that’s a year away we in Mudland, have our own Nigel factor!! The AFC been in turmoil since 2020 after they went along with the PNC Mingo-Rig. And are looking for a resurrection from the “Dead Meat” condition – predicted by Prophet-Leader Ramjattan back in 2015 – when he decided to tie the knot of political (unholy) matrimony with PNC/APNU!! And they’ve turned to Nigel Hughes as the man to levitate them out of their grave!!
Well, in these matters Hughes woulda – or shoulda- known that a crucifixion’s part of the deal. While he doesn’t drop to the knees at the sight of a church – ANY church – and offer “ejaculations” like Granger did, he does appear to’ve been a choir boy back in his short-pants days!! Now if you think “ejaculations’ is blasphemous – please be informed it means “a short prayer, in which the mind is directed to God, on any emergency.”
Let’s check Hughes’ palms!!

…in PNC
But what’s REALLY roiling local politics is Hughes’ vying for AFC’s leadership was joined at the hip to the notion of an Opposition “consensus candidate”. The PNC has retorted that such a being gotta be PNC!!