No permanent structures at Georgetown seawall – Edghill

…as Govt regularises vending

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill on Wednesday said that, going forward, vendors at the Georgetown seawall are authorised to sell 15 feet off the main access road only at a specific zone on the southern side of the location.
The minister made this announcement during an engagement with the vendors at the Umana Yana on High Street Kingston, Georgetown.

The Georgetown Seawall (Visit Guyana Photo)

According to a Department of Public Information report, Edghill has said that the stern action taken by the Ministry through the Sea Defence Board is not intended to hamper people’s ability to earn a living, but to bring order and perspective to the “increasing situation of lawlessness” at the seawall.
“By that we mean we will not take bread out of people’s mouths, we will not put people out of jobs, we will not seek to put hardships on people; but equally, we will not be taken advantage of by people doing what they want, when they want, how they want, to the detriment of others. We want your family to be able to live, but you got to do this in a framework that allows…other Guyanese enjoying the freedoms and the blessings of that seawall and waterfront, and the nice fresh air,” the Minister is quoted as saying.

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill

Edghill pointed out that he has to represent policy direction and ensure everyone complies with the law. He noted that the seawall is the Government’s reserve, and therefore all must enjoy an equal space.
He stated, too, that no permanent structure should be erected at the area. In one instance, the Minister made reference to a permanent structure currently erected at the seawall, saying erections like those could be allowed only if there is a special event; and must be removed after the session.
Edghill explained that there is a ‘no objection’ letter provided by the Board, which lasts for three months and can be extended. That document falls within a particular context with clearly defined rules.
“Every person who is in violation of those rules must receive a notice of violation before the end of the week, and a demand for corrective action. We have to get order back in place!” he said, adding that if there is no compliance with the instructions outlined, then the Board would be forced to take action.
He also highlighted several interventions made by the PPP/C Government to revamp the infrastructure there to create an enjoyable atmosphere.
“We have expended monies to ensure the good lighting, the repairs [to] the Band Stand; ensure we have even steps for the elderly to get up and no one gets injured. But it would appear that the more investment we make and the more initiatives are rolled out, more reckless and lawless some people are becoming; so, we have to bring that to an end,” he said.
Those efforts, the minister said, would not be in vain.