No sense of decency…

…in PNC leadership
In the 1950’s, Cold War America was held hostage by one Senator Joseph McCarthy. He used his bully pulpit of Senate Hearings to terrorise strategically-placed citizens by ostentatiously accusing them of being communists. He ruined many careers and lives based on nothing more than innuendoes and insinuations. He was finally brought down when one army counsel, defending a young lawyer against McCarthy’s bombastic charges, asked him a simple question: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”
The question pierced the conscience of middle America, including members of his own Republican Party, who put their foot down on McCarty’s bullyism. Today, Guyana’s being held hostage by the bullyism of the PNC’s David Granger and his henchman AG Basil Williams, as they callously crap on the Constitution to hang on to power and game the elections. Guyanese understand that our politics is a contact sport – but even in the boxing ring, fans boo when a pugilist hits below the belt!
After the shenanigans Granger’s pulled to fix the elections – starting with his unilateral appointment of James Patterson as GECOM Chair and ending with Basil Williams’ comment that the PNC doesn’t believe Justice George can tell GECOM that names can’t be taking off the old NRR and OLE in any H2H exercise – can’t some member of the PNC ask him, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Surely there are members of the PNC who love of Guyana and understand that it does no Guyanese, including fellow members, any good, to shred our Constitution to confetti.
With such a large proportion of our populace under 35, is it possible that young PNC supporters don’t know about what happened to their parents – and all Guyana – when Burnham played fast and loose with the Constitution back then – as Granger is doing right now?? Even if it’s not in the history books, don’t parents talk to their children about the past? Do they just talk “race” and regurgitate the hate for the “other”?? Do they expect the oil revenues to cover all the sins of their party’s cynicism and profligacy??
Well apart from the object lesson next door with Chavez’s experiments in Venezuela – eerily imitating Burnham’s economic grandiosity and megalomania – Burnham had also received a massive windfall from spiked sugar prices. All of that was frittered away and we were left hungry, naked and homeless by the time the dictator died at GT hospital!!
Because of its strategic occupancy of the State’s coercive power institutions, it’s clear the PNC figures the PPP can do nothing about driving a stake in the heart of the Constitution.
Will none of his supporters rid us of their renegade leader – to even save themselves??

…in failure
With the PNC, it seems like nothing succeeds like failure!! Granger failed to have his unilaterally-appointed GECOM Chair remain in office, but he’s grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he strings out the election process as if the NCM never happened. But the biggest failure who’s succeeded beyond belief is Basil Williams. The fella has the losingest record in the history of Attorney Generals in Guyana, yet he was awarded silk!! Your Eyewitness is still surprised no one’s turned in their “SC” designation!
His most recent failure resulted in the bitch slap delivered to him earlier this week by the CJ. He’d pleaded that the CJ showed bias in comments she’d made en passant earlier in another action about H2H Registration. Williams asked that she recuse herself from the challenges on H2H.  She ruled that his action was an “an abuse of the process of the court”.
And ordered him to pay 75% of the cost slapped on Chris Ram, for losing his bid to have the H2H halted!

…at City Hall
Almost a year’s passed since the Kennard CoI into City Hall’s Augean Stables. But the Local Government Commission (LGC) is “still working” to implement its 30+ recommendations.
And you thought only the elections were being dragged out!!