“No systems in place to continue” – Minister Gaskin

Following the dissolution of the Scrap Metal Unit, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin has revealed that new systems are being put in place to facilitate the scrap metal trade in Guyana.

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin
Business Minister Dominic Gaskin

On June 15, 2015, a ban was placed on the export of scrap metal until the industry was improved.
However, according to the law, this ban could last for a period of one year.
In response to when the ban on the scrap metal trade would be lifted, Minister Gaskin said on Wednesday that there had been no improvement, and as such, diligent work is being done to have a proper facility created to allow the continuation of the trade.
“Well, it’s not so much that there is a ban. What there is is no system in place to continue the trade? The former unit was shut down and has never been recreated. It has never resumed its function and to all intent and purposes, it is no longer existent. So as soon as something can be recreated to regulate the trade, it can resume. However, it is not that simple. We are working diligently to create something that can be effective,” he told Guyana Times.
The Minister noted that for work to recommence at the current facility, it would prove to be hazardous since the conditions are not safe.
Gaskin added that it will take time for the new mechanisms to be implemented, citing the need for widespread discussions.
“It does take time and unfortunately we cant simple operate an industry that can potentially create a great deal of harm without regulations. This is an issue that is being looked into and not something I can casually comment on,” he noted.
There have been widespread calls from a number of operators for the trade to be resumed.
The scrap metal trade is a multimillion-dollar industry in Guyana.