No wasteful spending under PPP/C Administration – Min Rodrigues

Unlike its predecessor, the APNU+AFC Government, there is no wasteful spending under the PPP/C Administration, and all sums of money being expended can be linked to benefits for all citizens. This is the position being advanced by Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues.
“No wasteful spending…all of the spending that is taking place in our country, it is being invested back into our economy, it is creating jobs and it is an investment for the future,” she has advanced.
“When we spend billions of dollars to build a 300MW power plant in Wales, that will be delivered before 2025, to deliver on our commitment to reducing electricity cost by 50%; that is for every single Guyanese,” she said.
Further, the Minister explained that there is no form of discrimination in any of the spendings.
“You tell me how a cash grant for all school children…is discriminatory…how building a highway or highways, or a bridge that will bring ease to tens of thousands of Guyanese…is discriminatory …how building hospitals, seven modern hospitals to serve the public, all the people of the country…is discriminatory…how training teachers and improving infrastructure so we deliver quality education to our children who can study in comfort…is discriminatory… Show me how the parttime jobs programme is discriminatory,” she challenged.
The APNU+AFC has been criticised for expending billions of dollars in wasteful spending during its five years in Government.
Reports indicate that the APNU+AFC expended over one trillion dollars during that time, and that expenditure was partially financed by additional taxes of G$264.8 billion, as well as external debt and domestic debt.
However, the APNU+AFC Government spending did not produce jobs for Guyanese, induce more foreign and domestic investments, improve production of the country’s key sectors, or enhance the wellbeing of citizens.