Nobody should be trapped inside a profession

Dear Editor,
Teachers are important everywhere in the world. I have seen numerous hardworking teachers in Guyana and elsewhere. I know your trials and daily suffering, and trials and challenges. I have been there myself. That said, if one is unhappy with one’s employer/salary, one has the option of leaving for something perceived better. Just one thing I always believe in life.
Nobody should be so trapped inside a profession that they would choose to cry over the pay, salary, and paycheck and remain miserable about it. A job is a job.
If the public sector pay is not enough, then try the private sector! Market yourself and your credentials, so that you can be paid more handsomely for your services. STOP seeing yourselves as worthless beings who are underpaid; we are all victims of inflation and the rising cost of living; see yourselves as qualified vessels that can offer the job market much more than what is already there. That is my advice to teachers. Long live the teachers of Guyana!

Leon Jameson Suseran