Norton’s “sudden death” 30-day PNCR notice is a sign of desperation

Dear Editor,
Aubrey Norton’s “sudden death” 30-day notice of the June PNCR congress is an act of a desperate man who sees the reality of the leadership of the PNCR and Opposition Leader slipping away from his hands.
On top of that, the news stated that Norton has announced he is going further down the rabbit hole by dismantling and restructuring the powerful North American operations of the PNCR. This is going to be remembered as the final straw that Norton destroyed his leadership.
So those are the two tragic actions Norton took within the last two weeks. Now let us analyse what this means for all the delegates, all party supporters, and overseas groups of the party. His “sudden death” 30-day notice for Congress was likely meant to thwart the advances and progress of his main challenger Roysdale Forde.
Norton is a highly unpopular leader and has caused severe divisions and cracks within the party’s local and overseas branches.
He has pushed out or excluded many valuable, important members who have been long-time supporters and contributors. This kind of action never goes down well in any organisation because it breeds discontent and ultimately, an uprising that topples the leader. Who wants to be part of an organisation that doesn’t want them? No one!
Norton is now being toppled from his job by his own hand. He has no one to blame but himself. By rushing the Congress, he has shown arrogance, disrespect and insulted all the delegates, and damaged the dignity and spirit of the party. Then by dismantling the North American party groups so that he can reshape it in his dictatorial image, he has insulted and disrespected all the North American groups and supporters.
At this point, Norton has to go. He cannot even unite his own party without insulting, dismantling, and disrespecting his key party talent. If Norton is the PNCR leader in the 2025 election, you can expect Irfaan Ali to wipe the floor with Aubrey Norton.

Donald Winchester