Not a blade of grass

Dear Editor,
The ICJ has ruled, and, as expected, Venezuela is barred from taking any action to challenge Guyana’s sovereignty over Essequibo. And it will come to pass that the 1899 Arbitral Award will be reinforced by the same International Court of Justice, which the Maduro Administration must accept, or be condemned.
However, it would now seem that our greatest challenge are the enemies within, whose Machiavellian lust for power knows no limit. This is not limited to the Opposition, whose support was given relevant only to within the walls of Parliament, but from a few whose hate for the PPP has now made them difficult to discern and understand their duties and responsibilities as citizens of Guyana.
On November 30, an unpatriotic and treacherous article, which can be deemed treasonous, was written by GHK Lall and published in the Kaieteur News. It was supposed to be ‘hard truths’, and was captioned “Annexation by different action”. Stoking fear in his opening statements, he then placed himself in “Maduro’s shoes”, and scripted an unbelievable strategy which he is convinced can be used for the successful annexation of Essequibo. He stated that “manpower, money, military and means are to Guyana’s disadvantage, and even though the international community becomes ‘adversarial’ in the event of an invasion by Venezuela, the deed would have been done and concluded that nothing can change that thereafter”.
He further stated that Maduro must “seize the moment and deliver what has eluded all other Venezuelan leaders for many lifetimes”.
According to Lall, it is better to move ‘recklessly’ than ‘aimlessly’…take a chance and deal with the consequences later’…since the ‘world will take an eternity to reverse’ whatever has happened.
According to him, the time to invade Guyana is now, rather than later. Lall, in transforming himself into Maduro, has offered Maduro such a great thrust of encouragement and tactical advice that Maduro’s advisors and strategists would have thought twice to offer.
It is unimaginable and incomprehensible that this is coming from a so-called intellectual who is supposed to be defending his country’s sovereignty, and advising and supporting the Guyanese Government and people against Venezuelan propaganda. He concluded his missive by resorting to a new theory of annexation, which was pure rubbish. Will this kind of statement be accepted anywhere in the world?
What if a Venezuelan, openly and in writing, should advise the Guyana Government on what can be done to counter-attack Venezuela’s claim to the Essequibo? Why did Lall not put himself in President Ali’s shoes and advise him?
Lall’s hate has now totally consumed him to such an extent that he is willing to commit himself to compromising his patriotic duties. But some people like GHK Lall have no loyalty, except to themselves. This man has attacked religion, ethnicity, culture, and now even his own country of birth. Can he not be classified as a ‘low life’?
The APNU/AFC attempted to barefacedly rig the 2020 Elections in full view of the world, and claimed that it was the PPP which did the rigging. Should these persons not be labelled as ‘low life’? The ‘hard truth’ is that these persons are the ‘low life’.
Not a blade of grass.

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf