Nothing prohibits Granger from conceding defeat prior to a lawful declaration by GECOM

Dear Editor,
Reasonably speaking, nothing prohibits Mr. David Granger, as head of the Coalition ticket, from conceding defeat at the March polls prior to a lawful declaration by GECOM.
It has been four months since polling day, and more than two weeks since the recount was concluded. The recount reflected the will of the people: a PPP/C victory.
Granger’s statement made on July 1, that he cannot make a concession “unless” the GECOM Chair makes a formal declaration, is a stalling tactic which shows that, as Guyana’s premier fiduciary, he is not ready to act in its best interest.
Everyone is likely to know what GECOM would lawfully declare, which is aptly evidenced in a letter dated June 16, 2020 and sent by its Chair to its CEO, as reported. The letter stated:
“Pursuant to Article 177(2) (b) of the Constitution and Section 96 of the Representation of the People Act, you are hereby requested to prepare and submit your report by 13:00 hrs on June 18th, 2020 using the results of the recount for consideration by the Commission.”
The most important phrase here is, of course, “using the results of the recount” as the lawful basis for a report and a subsequent formal declaration. As the “results of the recount” show a PPP/C victory, GECOM is therefore lawfully required to formally declare only that party’s presidential candidate as the duly elected president.
It is not for electors to plead that he should concede; as a fiduciary and premier candidate, Mr. Granger ought to know his duties. Despite good-faith calls from voices near and afar, he is yet to be wise and prudent. He can therefore man up and state his true intentions.
Instead, he slithers from one week to another, often in the shadows or hiding behind supporters’ frivolous petitions and GECOM. When he does appear, the public is treated to his uncharismatic penchant to deny or misrepresent commonplace facts.
As reported, he now claims (see SN 7/1): “I cannot claim victory, which I have not done; and I cannot concede to defeat, which I have not done; unless I am notified formally by the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission what the results of the elections…have been.”
On the contrary, Mr. Granger was seen in real time and via live video on or about March 4, at a victory celebration in the streets of Georgetown. He voluntarily thanked his supporters for taking the Coalition to victory.
No need for an audit here. Action still speaks louder than words. Mr. Granger’s ill-advised presence at that celebration at that time, place, and date is making a clear statement that he and the Coalition had won the elections.
Having been poorly vetted as a presidential candidate in 2015, the electorate has finally caught up with Mr. Granger. Time to man up.

Rakesh Rampertab