NTC stands firm in support of Guyana’s sovereignty

The National Toshaos Council (NTC) of Guyana, representing the collective voice of the Indigenous peoples of this nation, vehemently supports Guyana’s steadfast position against the controversial referendum.
The National Toshaos Council stands firmly behind the historical and legal foundation upon which Guyana’s territorial integrity is built. Guyana has consistently maintained that the border with Venezuela was legally and internationally settled in 1899 by a tribunal of arbitration.
This longstanding agreement has been recognised and respected by nations worldwide. The Essequibo region, home to Indigenous communities from time immemorial, has been an integral part of Guyana’s rich cultural tapestry.
The NTC, as the authoritative body representing the Indigenous peoples of Guyana, urges all Indigenous communities to unite in the face of this challenge and to remain vigilant. The Essequibo region holds deep historical and cultural significance for our people, and any attempt to alter its status through force or manipulation must be met with resolute opposition.
We must stand together as one, united in our commitment to defend our ancestral lands and preserve the rights and heritage of our Indigenous communities. The Essequibo region has been our home since time immemorial, and we will not allow external forces to undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our beloved Guyana.
The NTC calls upon Venezuela to respect the rule of international law and the principles of justice that underpin the 1899 agreement. Furthermore, the NTC urges diplomatic channels to prevail, emphasising the importance of dialogue and peaceful resolution to any disputes concerning borders.
In closing, the National Toshaos Council reiterates its unwavering support for the Government of Guyana in its efforts to protect the nation’s territorial integrity and calls upon all Indigenous peoples to stand united against any threat to the Essequibo region.

National Toshaos Council of Guyana