NTS Amega Atlantic Guyana opens to service oil sector

The opening of NTS Amega Atlantic Guyana at Houston, East Bank Demerara has been dubbed an opportune development in adding direct support to the oil and gas sector.

ExxonMobil’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Darren Woods (lead); President Dr Irfaan Ali and Head of Go-Invest Peter Ramsaroop

NTS Amega Atlantic Guyana is a joint venture between the global manufacturing and repairing company NTS Group and Atlantic Marine Supplies Incorporated. It will be providing precision manufacturing and repair services for the oil and gas sector. Over two dozen jobs will be created.
The opening ceremony on Wednesday evening was attended by President Irfaan Ali, who lauded this investment as an avenue to change the human resource landscape by introducing specialised skills.
Ali noted, “These are the types of investments that would change the skillset of our human resource base, because many of the jobs in a machining or fabrication environment are skilled jobs, so whenever we have small and medium-sized enterprises like these in a machining context, they have the ability to create jobs that are highly specialised and skill-based with higher salary range.”
The Head of State added that such a facility would provide indirect jobs in the transportation, logistics, and other sectors. It would also modernise services offered in the machining industry.

President Ali joining the ribbon-cutting exercise for the opening of the new NTS Amega Atlantic Guyana company

“It is important that every aspect of the puzzle – not only the large-scale investments, but the small and medium scale investments – be put together to make an integrated whole as to what this sector brings to our country,” he said.
“From the Government level, we understand that we have to have the right mix of infrastructure to support this development, because in this industry, time is essential, proximity is essential. Not only is it important that the facilities are built to certain standards, but it is important that they deliver the services in a reliable and efficient manner,” the President added.
Chief Executive Officer of NTS Group, Paul Mc Millan, noted that the track record of his company includes providing solutions to Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Haliburton, among a slew of companies. NTS Group has locations in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the USA, Canada and Norway; and aims to bring a culture of ‘trust and integrity’ to the local market. (G12)