NY Guyana Consulate “taking Govt” to the people

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Consulate resolve of “taking Government to the people“ has become the norm of the NY Consulate. They prefer to let the evidence speak. The last Consulate’s community engagement (outreach) was in Brooklyn. The one on Saturday was in Richmond Hill, Queens at the beautiful Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. The next outreach is scheduled for April 13, 2024 at upstate Schenectady. According to Ambassador Michael Brotherson, Guyana’s Consul General, the other venues are scheduled for Connecticut and New Jersey.
The response from the Guyanese community in New York to the Saturday outreach was superb. Groups of Guyanese entered the building and were given a number to ensure that no one can “jump” the line. The staff worked assiduously to process everyone’s application(s): whether that was for a new passport, a passport renewal, a birth certificate, a Power of Attorney, or an emergency travel document.
The staff were competent and respectful. Observed prominent community leader and scholar Dr Dhanpaul Narine: “Hats off to members of the Guyana Consulate who worked round the clock…the staff was knowledgeable, and treated everyone well. I was happy to sit with this distinguished group.” Also observing the proceedings were well-known social worker and community activist Mr Vishnu Mahadeo and radio/TV talk show host OC Rogers.
Because of the high number of applicants, staff had to work an additional two hours to serve all the applicants. They finished at 4pm. The Guyanese community expresses their gratitude to the Consulate staff for their fine performance.
One community activist calls upon the Consulate to conduct more outreaches in Richmond Hill, Queens. This allows them to feel connected to Government operations.
The New York Guyana Democracy Project congratulates the Consulate for executing a community-based service delivery programme of immense significance.

Dr Tara Singh