Official 50th anniversary App launched

Local company IntellectStorm in collaboration with the Public Telecommunications Ministry on Friday evening launched DirectoryGy as the official App of the 50th independence anniversary.
According to the CEO of IntellectStorm, this App creates a centralised location where anyone can access information relating to “what’s hot in Guyana” or where ever they need to go.
This is a full service App that meets the needs of individuals who are busy and rarely get time to access multiple sources of information. The App is especially beneficial to tourists who are not aware of Guyana’s geography as it provides site locations to persons. The application also provides inter alia, news, radio and a historical background of landmarks in Guyana, ideally suitable for tourists coming for the 50th celebration.
The App has installed a full listing of all the jubilee celebrations that is just a click away, living up to the aims of Rowen Willabus, “to make patrons lazy” as it provides over 10,000 activities, services and events. With just a click away, information is at the user’s fingertips.
Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes urged patrons to support this Guyanese company while expressing her excitement at have something of this magnitude coming out of a pure Guyanese company.
Triston Thompson, who recently completed a United States-based training programme and who is also a partner and engineer within the group, explained how this App will be carrying businesses in Guyana into the 21st Century.
Thompson reminisced about how the “small idea” two years ago evolved from a business directory to becoming a unique source of information that was never previously offered to the public.
Ronson Gray, another partner in the company, pointed out that time was the largest investment; however on a tight budget, the young professionals still managed to make this a possibility.