One Guyana Inter-Region Ten10 Softball Cricket Cup: West Central Mall, Singh Brothers backs the inaugural tournament

Ms. Tina Albert (left) Executive Director of West Central Mall handing over her entity’s support to Ms. Sandra Edwards of RCD, while Ms. Tinneiza Smith managing director’s assistant looks on.

The Inaugural One Guyana Inter Region Ten10 Softball Cricket Tournament is slated to take place from March 3rd and concluded under a grand style on the17th March 2024 according to Roraima Community Developers.
Throwing their support towards this inaugural tournament is West Central Mall located in Lenora, region 3.  According to Ms. Tina Albert, Executive Director of the mall, her entity is elated to be part of this tournament.  She went on to say that sports brings our people together and her entity fully supports togetherness and unity.
Ms. Albert said that being part of this inaugural tournament is part of her entity’s responsibility and she wishes all the teams the best in the tournament.
Ms. Sandra Edwards, representing Roraima Community Developers thanked Ms. Albert for her support and assured her that the competition will be played to the highest standard with its rules being in place.
Also throwing its support towards the tournament is Singh Brothers Contracting Services of region 4.  Managing Director of the company Mr. Kapeldev Singh said that his company is very elated to be part of such a tournament that brings our people together especially knowing it’s an open competition for all age groups.
Mr. Singh went on to say that such a tournament is going to bring back the discipline that used to be in softball before where the young and old will be together in a team and share experience and respect for one another.
He wishes all the teams the best and encourages all the players to maintain discipline and work hard to be on top of their game.

Ms. Sandra Edwards (right) collecting sponsorship from a representative of Singh Brothers Contracting Services.

 Representing RCD Ms. Edwards thanked Mr. Singh for his company support and assured him that the games will be played in the best of spirit within the players so as to have a successful tournament.
The tournament will see regional winners pocketing a cash prize of $80,000 and trophy. While prizes will be given to the runner along with trophies for the best bowler and batsman, and man of the final.
According to RCD over $500,000 in cash and prizes will be given out in the playoffs to the winner, runner up, 3rd place, man of series, man of final, best bowler, best batsman and each game man of the match.
The tournament will be played in an open category because over the years softball cricket has seen a tremendous decline nationally and that is because of the categorizing of the local cricket, where many could not get involved in the games regionally and nationally because of age range.
According to RCD, they see this tournament as a grassroot one and in bringing back softball to the village level. While its aim and objective is to bring our people together as one.
They further said that cricket plays a very integral part in binding our people and mounding our youths towards a positive future.
The tournament will see all age groups participating within the teams that will be taking part and each region will have its own competition to crown its champion.
The tournament will be played on ten overs aside, round arm bowling and based on a one game knockout format. Teams from regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 already signaled their intentions in participating.
For registration teams can contact the regional coordinators, Region 1-Sherlon 668-3657, Region 2-Basil Persaud 610-0842, Region 3 – Mr. Sadiek (WCD) 698-6406, Mr. Surijpaul (Wakenaan) 673-7748, Mr. Frank Satnarine (WBD) 615-5343, Region 4 – Mr. Fazal Khan 670-8114 and Mr. Darmin 668-2783, Region 5- Mr. Mahase on 626-1869 and Mr. Chris on 706-7073, Region 6 – Mr. Ryan Ramdass on 627-0704, Mr.Teka 667-4121 or Mr. Omesh Sirikishun on 677-2826.