OP 2-day outreach to Reg 6: Presidential Office to be relocated to a different region for 2 days every month – President Ali

– says initiative will strengthen governance, enhance delivery of services to citizens
– Corentyne woman gets land title on spot, elderly man to get one-year free medical supply

President Dr Irfaan Ali launched the Office of the President (OP) Direct in New Amsterdam, Berbice, on Thursday with the aim of bringing essential Government services directly to citizens.

Agatha Ramjohn receiving her title from President Dr Irfaan Ali

The Head of State, who delivered brief remarks at the opening ceremony of the operations at State House in New Amsterdam, Berbice, said that the initiative stemmed from his Government being people-centred and focused on the growth and development of all Guyanese.
“Since we assumed office, we have been working in every community. We have been going to you and not waiting for you to come. The Ministers and the Cabinet have been out in every community.”
The President said that the initiative would see the OP and Government Ministries and agencies working centrally in a different region two days per month.
“The President’s office will be situated here at State House in Region Six for the next two days, operating from here; so that we can be in touch with you, so that you can feel the highest office at your disposal, and have easy access to the highest office,” he said.
President Ali added that the initiative would strengthen governance, improve efficiency, and enhance the delivery of services to citizens.
“We believe strongly in serving the people. We are not a Government that is distant from the people or a Government that operates in a vacuum or in a locked compartment. That is not how we operate. We operate with you, taking your concerns and your realities into consideration,” the Head of State declared.
President Ali also explained that in addition to having essential Ministries and agencies present, video and audio connections would be established to every office in Georgetown so that all issues could be dealt with at the venue.
“This is the level of seriousness that we’re taking in dealing with our issues. It is not passing the buck, but it’s bringing the heads, and the agency heads here so that they can work with you,” he noted.
During the first day, several persons received on-the-spot assistance. One such person was 73-year-old Agatha Ramjohn, who told the Head of State that for three years she had been waiting for her land title, and even though she spoke to local housing officials, the matter was never resolved.
Upon hearing this, he gave Ramjohn her official land title.
“This is like a blessing and a miracle; this is the best thing that has ever happened in the recent times. This is fantastic, the President has been doing an excellent job. The man of action gets it done, he told me the title will come before 12 o’clock and it was here,” an elated Ramjohn stated.
Another resident, James Davis of Canefield Settlement, East Canje, will receive one-year free medical supplies after his brief interaction with the President. “I would use Timolol eye drops which I am having a problem to collect and I also use Doxazosin which is one [for] $100 a day, and every day I have to drink. I met the President and told him my problem, and he told the doctors to carry a year supply to my home today,” David related.
The elderly man is even thankful for the President’s promise to send a representative to assess his home in hopes of repairs soon.
According to him, the previous A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government used to speak about helping Guyanese, but that was far from the fact since he never felt the love.
“They never did nothing for me as an African man, but now they are talking about African people when they get kick out of office. The President came, I met him and interacted with him, and everything that I asked him for he give me as an African man,” he declared.
Another resident, Ava Smith of Ulverston Village said for some time now she has been complaining about a deplorable street and bridge in her community.
And although she sought the attention of several regional representatives in times past, those attempts proved futile.
“They took my matter in hand and promised it is going to be resolved. He said the person will come next week,” Smith noted.
The woman said despite the fact many would try to talk negatively about the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration, its ‘One Guyana’ mantra was evident across every community in Guyana.
Technical teams from the Housing and Water Ministry; Human Services and Social Security Ministry; Local Government and Regional Development Ministry; Education Ministry; Agriculture Ministry; National Insurance Scheme; Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest); Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA); Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission; Guyana Power and Light (GPL) and Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) all have booths at State House in New Amsterdam, where the President would be based until Friday afternoon.