Open letter to Caribbean Airlines CEO

Dear Editor,
My complaint is in regard to the mistreatment I received from a crew member – Gaye Finch, on December 17, 2018.
Because of my recent surgery, I was taken in a wheelchair to the door of the aircraft. I politely requested help with my carry-on luggage. Ms Finch refused, and explained that they are not allowed to put baggage for passengers to be stored above. I explained that the only help I needed was to wheel my carry-on luggage to my seat; I did not need for her to hoist it as I was going to ask a fellow-passenger to do so. She insisted that there is no way she or her crew could do that (taking the carry-on baggage to my seat area). I explained that I had had surgery, and the doctor underscored the importance of not handling any weight or pulling or pushing any object that might cause internal bleeding. She was laughing – almost in a belligerent expression. I wanted a record of this incident and therefore took a few photos (of her laughing).
I was left alone to fend for myself as Ms Finch was unmovable in her resolve not to help. I therefore struggled and pulled my carry-on baggage.
After the plane arrived in Port of Spain, I approached her for an explanation as to why she did not help me. She was repeating the same information (that she and the other crew were not allowed to put passengers’ baggage in the storage section above). I was recording this conversation and she got angry. She said that no photos or videos are allowed in the plane. (I’ve seen several videos of mishandlings in the plane; all one has to do is to check out these goings-on on YouTube.) She then called security on me.
As we were speaking, I saw one of the crew who emerged from the cockpit. His name was Sheldon Rampersaud and he informed me that he was an assistant to the captain. I explained the incident (in Toronto), and he suggested that I write a complaint – which I am doing right now.
After my conversation with Mr Rampersaud, a security supervisor, Mr Kenrick Dass, had a chat with me. He asked me to tell my side of the story (after he had spoken with Ms Finch), which I did. He apologised for the unfortunate experience but demanded that I delete all the photos and videos that I took of my conversation with Ms Finch.
I have heard of the disdainful treatment Caribbean Airlines employees give to passengers, but this is the first time I experienced this with CAL.
I would appreciate it if an inquiry would be made into this incident. I would be glad to meet with a senior representative of CAL to discuss the matter.

Yours truly,
Dr Devanand Bhagwan