Open letter to GRA Commissioner General

Dear Editor,

We have renewed our applications for Mortgage Interest Relief for 2015 until such time that the GRA thinks we should renew again, paid the necessary fees to the commercial banks and did everything that would be required to get our refunds from MIR.

Calls to the GRA MIR office are always met with the usual unprofessional and rude answer, “We don’t know when this would be ready.”

So, since they don’t know, it is only fair to ask you, the big boss responsible for the Guyana Revenue Authority, when would we, the poor people of Guyana, expect our MIR to be processed for July-December2015?

Mr President, this delayed MIR to the Guyanese people that is outstanding for the period July-December 2015, would your office be kind enough to expedite this process?


Michael Singh