Open letter to President Granger on Ramjattan

Dear Editor,
For the past two months or more, there hasn’t been a day where the crime situation in Guyana has not dominated the headlines of the more popular dailies.
One has to be real naive not to observe that violent crime is on the rise, and that there is no evident macroplan to counter this.
The noticeable absence of any type of proactive approach seems to be a motivation for anyone with a gun to get into the business of armed robbery.
I am forced to deduce that this is all happening as a consequence of the lack of visionary leadership at both the Ministry of Public Security and the Guyana Police Force.
This situation is further compounded with the tragic conditions prevailing at the Georgetown Prisons, which also falls under the ambit of the Minister of Public Security.
Minister Ramjattan is obviously out of his depth at this Ministry, and his Commissioner is like Alice in Wonderland.
While I understand the provisions of the Cummingsburg Accord, President Granger, I urge you to consider removing both Ramjattan and the Commissioner of Police from their respective appointments, before the crime situation escalates to a catastrophe and brings your government down.
While Ramjattan may be a clever lawyer, Public Security is definitely not his forte. Ramjattan is a round peg in a square hole at the Public Security Ministry, unable to fill the requirements of his portfolio. He should be reshuffled to a ministry for which his qualifications make him suitable.
This is my humble advice as a worried citizen.

George Gomes
Lieutenant Colonel