Open letter to Raphael Trotman

Dear Raphael Trotman,
We, the children of Harold, wish to remind you, your parents Justice Donald Trotman and Shiela Chapman, your sisters, Anande and Vania, that our father, who was your mentor, was a person whose integrity was never in question. None of his colleagues, friends and relatives could point fingers on him or question his judgement and morality. He had no cries from anyone and lived and died as a decent, humble and loving human being. He always taught us that whatever you do you will have to answer to God. All we ask is for you not to torment our father and make him uneasy in the afterlife. After all, he was there for you and your siblings in trying and difficult times. Do not aspire to gain the whole world and lose your soul.
Harold told us that some people deserve punishment in this life, the grave and afterlife. Just do the right thing and save your soul!

Children of late
Harold Singh