Opposition Leader pledges to work for better future for Guyanese

Today, on the 57th Anniversary of our country’s Independence, we wish we could say Happy Independence Day to our fellow Guyanese.
Unfortunately, recent crises and tragedies have filled our collective and individual hearts with anxieties, fears and anguish.
We have reached another potential turning point in our country’s trajectory, where citizens are again unified in rejecting the failures in our country’s governance, and are demanding a Government that is competent and caring, one which accepts that it exists solely to serve the people.
We mark this 57th Independence Anniversary with greater national unhappiness and self-doubt, and with diminishing national self-esteem and pride. We, as a people, today recognize more than ever that massive oil wealth means little if our Government lacks competence, empathy and compassion; if it cannot connect to our struggles, frustrations, and despair.
As a Party, we firmly believe Guyana can, and must, do better. We have built our vision on our conviction that prosperity can be guaranteed to all citizens; that good governance can prevail; and that national happiness and self-confidence can abound.
But these transformations will not occur automatically. They must be envisioned, planned, and implemented with zeal for the benefit of all persons. As the national crisis deepens, citizens must, more than before, use their voices and their votes to demand and get the changes they desire and deserve for their families, communities, and country.
On this Independence Anniversary, therefore, it is fitting to wish all our fellow Guyanese a better future. We pledge to work on your behalf towards achieving it.