Outsourcing …refugees

We’ve all heard about globalisation, but few realise that, since the 1970s, “outsourcing” has become one of its largest components!! Outsourcing? That occurs when an organisation contracts some of its functions to another organisation. For example, a company may decide that it’d be more efficient to use IT developers from a specialist firm than bring them in as employees. The work may be outsourced to a company in the same country (sometimes called “onshoring”), or to a company in another country (sometimes called “offshoring”).
As usual, in matters economic, the rationale is to cut costs. Rather than a company spending money on an entire IT department, it makes sense to outsource its IT needs. But, as with everything, Governments soon got into the act, to farm out some of their functions, including some very fundamental ones! In the beginning, big countries would pay smaller ones to fight what were called “proxy wars”. This was very big business during the Cold War. Burnham and the PNC were paid to keep out the “pinko” PPP for decades!! The ultimate, up to now however, was when the US used paid mercenaries from the Blackwater and Blackstone companies.
Well, we just got the world that the concept has now been ratcheted a notch higher. A BIG notch!! Britain, under Boris Johnson’s Tories, has just outsourced the refugees that arrive via its waters around it to Rwanda, 3700 miles away out in Africa!! We should know that one of the main reasons for Brexit was the huge numbers of immigrants arriving from the EU, because they had a right to do so under their treaty. But Nativism – putting “real” citizens (here, read British whites!) – still runs rampant!! Means British whites must remain first, second and every other tier you wanna think about!!
Well, now that the legal gate’s been closed, what we call the “backtrack” route has become a tsunami!! After all, what Rodney pointed out as the “underdevelopment” of Africa by Europe isn’t going away, and the inexorable population growth continues unabated. Just the other day, there were those 27 refugees who drowned in the English Channel when their inflatable dingy capsized! That’s the tip of the iceberg. Well, by now declaring they’ll be sent to Rwanda, Britain is hoping this will become the modern version of being “shipped to Siberia”!! And play a chilling deterrence to the tired and hungry of the world. After all, just a few decades ago, ethnic riots saw 800,000 persons hacked to death!! Rwanda was paid US $158 million for the first tranche of refugees!! So, they coke out smelling roses since they’re pretty sure VERY FEW refugees will remain to be “rehabilitated”!!
Some may see this as a very cynical move by Boris. But since when was Britain principled?

…sugar workers’ relief?
Pres Ali’s visit to Uitvlugt Sugar Factory highlighted what’d been kept out of the public’s gaze. We heard in the first week of March that the #1 mill’s gear (which grinds the cane) was damaged and 600 punts of cane were in limbo. A week later, we’re told matters were resolved and sugar was being produced. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But then the factory ground to a halt again!
And for the past month hasn’t been grinding. Cane cutters – who traditionally save their earnings to tide them over the out-of-crop month – were out in the cold once again. Private individuals had to donate some rice to them a few weeks ago, and this week, Pres Ali distributed hampers. More importantly, he instructed management to provide 6 days of routine “out-of-crop” work. This is helpful, but they will still be “on bearings”.
They need a cash injection to keep body and soul together!

Rather than sit and wring their hands on their burgeoning wheat import bill, more than a dozen Sub-Saharan countries have been producing – and expanding – wheat in tropical climes.
Shouldn’t we outsource their experience?