Over 300lbs of cocaine found in Jamaica among rice, logs shipped from Guyana

The Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (Jamaica Observer photo)

Narcotics Police in Jamaica have unearthed over 300lbs of cocaine in containers shipped from Guyana which contained rice and logs.
Reports out of Jamaica stated that the illegal substance was found in the containers at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) on Monday afternoon.
According to reports, the drug was found in two of six transhipment containers that arrived on the island from Guyana.
Jamaica Observer reported on Tuesday that while searching the containers, Narcotics Police accompanied by members of the Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Team found a total of 122 packages of the drug in the containers.
They said each package was compressed with cocaine.
When weighed, the drug was approximately 307 pounds and the estimated street value is US$6.59 million, Jamaica Observer reported.
Meanwhile, a senior law enforcement official in Guyana confirmed that the containers had rice that was en route to Haiti and logs en route to China.
According to the official, local law enforcement has launched an investigation since from the records reviewed, the containers were cleared by customs for shipment.
The official noted that Police are following a lead which suggests that the containers may have been tampered with after it was examined by customs.
According to the official, the containers were shipped to Jamaica from Guyana with no stops before their arrival on the island.
This drug bust comes on the heels of a huge bust which occurred in August 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. In that bust, officials in Germany discovered 1.5 tonnes of cocaine in a container of rice shipments. The cocaine had a street value of around €300 million and had originated from Guyana.
Some three months after, a whooping 11.5 tonnes of cocaine was discovered in a shipment of scrap metal from Guyana.
Following the discovery, a wanted bulletin was issued for businessman Marlon Primo in connection with the massive drug bust. He is still to be arrested.
Meanwhile, during the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) investigations on the bust, they said they found no evidence to suggest that the cocaine discovered in the rice shipment in Germany came from Guyana.
CANU said based on its investigations, the drugs might have been placed into the containers whilst they were in-transit in another country.
In fact, CANU said newspapers from that country were some of the materials used to wrap the illegal substance.