Over $50M worth of ganja discovered, destroyed at farm along Berbice River

A farm with millions worth of marijuana was found by ranks of the Guyana Police Force on Saturday destroyed.
Ranks stumbled upon the farm at Kaiwa, Upper Berbice River, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) between 05:00h and 13:00h on Saturday as they conducted an ‘eradication exercise’.
According to Police, the farm was approximately four acres in size and had about 6,000 cannabis plants ranging from six inches to four feet in height, with a total weight of 6,600 kg – a street value of $1,016,400. In addition, there was also a small nursery that had approximately 20,000 seedlings.
Police said a make-shift camp nearby had kitchen utensils and groceries.
The police also found 54.431 kg of dried cannabis, which carries a street value of $48,987, 900.
The farm, along with the nursery and camp, were all destroyed. The tallest plant was escorted to Mackenzie Police Station, where it was sealed, marked, and lodged.
No arrest was made.
Less than a week ago, more than $570 million worth of ganja was destroyed at Wiruni and Kaiwa, communities along the Upper Berbice River.
Police have said that ranks travelled to Wiruni and discovered two cannabis farms. The first farm was about 20 acres in size, and had a makeshift camp and drying area where about 1200 lbs. of dried cannabis, which has a street value of over $489 million, were found.
The second farm was about 10 acres big and had about 150,000 plants ranging in height from six to eight feet. The estimated cost of these plants is in excess of $50.8 million.
Ranks carried out another exercise at Kaiwa, where another two cannabis farms were discovered and destroyed.
The first farm was about five acres in size, and had approximately 1,000 seedlings on several beds. In addition, 35,000 seedlings were found in a nearby nursery. This farm also had a large camp which had about 34.019 kilograms of dried cannabis, which has a street value of over $30.6 million.
The other farm, located about 100 feet away from the first one, was about two acres in size, and had about 2,000 plants ranging in height from eight inches to four feet. The estimated weight of these plants was 2200 kilograms, which has an estimated street value of $338,800,000.

The ganja farm that was destroyed during the police exercise

Both farms, nurseries and narcotics were destroyed. At the time of the operation, no one was seen, thus no one was arrested.
About a month ago, a Police narcotics eradication exercise had led to the discovery of more than $151 million worth of marijuana at Ebini Backdam, a Region 10 community situated in the upper reaches of the Berbice River. (G9)