Overseas based Guyanese poised to take ‘dancehall world’ by storm

Nineteen-year-old Sewdat Junior Persaud is optimistic that he can be the “next big thing” in the music industry in the line of dancehall music.
This talented young man has a few songs under his belt to release to the public and is ready to take on the world and more so, put dancehall music where it belongs. Not a strange coincidence, he loves to listen to Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Tommy Lee and Akaline from whom he gets his inspiration.
Persaud, who is commonly called “JR” by his relatives and friends, hails from Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, but now resides in Queens, New York. In Guyana, he attended Auchlyne Primary School for just a few years after which he migrated to the US where he started a new life.
The eight years spent in Guyana was indeed the best years of his childhood. He grew up in a poor family and although he is much better off in life now, he promises to never forget his roots.
Going to school and meeting his friends was something he looked forward to on a daily basis. He had a huge imagination and always finds time to spend outdoors with his relatives and friends.
From a tender age, he exhibited his creative skills but more importantly, his love for dancehall music. He never one day gave up his dreams in becoming one of the most recognised artistes in Guyana and the Caribbean.
While growing up, his favourite subject was English Language which he mastered since he had to write his own songs.
Also at an early age, he was encouraged to pursue a singing career since he had the natural talent. Presently, he attends Richmond Hill High School. After moving to the US, he realised he had more opportunities, not only in school, but also as he pursues his musical career.
He chose to take advantage of all the opportunities that were thrown at him with no turning back. He believes Guyana has scope for dancehall music but one has to stay dedicated and keep pushing themselves. “Anything is possible because everyone was born with a talent,” the upcoming artiste told Guyana Times Entertainment.
So far, he has recorded 15 songs in his friend’s studio. His friend would mix and produce these songs with his guidance and direction. One such song talks about suicide and its effects in Guyana and the family as a whole.
In the next 10 years, he sees himself on the top of the music billboard amongst other talented artistes, making money and having everything he ever wanted to help others realise their dreams.
His advice to youths is “Music takes times and you wouldn’t get everything in the first try. Just keep pushing yourself and practice as much as possible. Don’t make people tell you that you cannot do something and try to change your mind. If you know you wanna do music, keep pushing and practicing. And have faith. Everything works with time. Never underestimate the studio. Keep practicing and always be in your element”.
On a lighter note, his favourite colours are white, black and green. He loves fast food and although he loves dancehall music, he does not have a favourite tune.