Pan tap …and the PNC

Your Eyewitness continues with the Green Declaration issued by old PNC thug Hamilton Green at the Burnham Foundation’s commemoration of their FOUNDER LEADER’s 101th birth anniversary. We’ve discussed his encouragement of elections rigging – which was perfected by Burnham as a means of getting and keeping power over the country. ‘Follow the leader!!’ he exclaimed. Then we opened up on the other prong of Burnham’s strategy on achieving that goal, which is what politics is all about: the use of violence to create fear in the PPP and force them to concede to PNC demands!!
Today, we turn to the perspective on which the above anti-democratic strategies rests: according to the Green Declaration, African Guyanese have a superior right to rule Guyana over all other groups. “The history of this country suggests that the only people who deserve to be ‘pan tap’ are those whose ancestors suffered for centuries without a cent. We welcomed the indentured people, gave them an education, and Burnham sought to unite the people; but based on the demographics, the new Indians were a larger group. They didn’t want that.”
Imagine that!! But we shouldn’t be surprised, should we?? We’ve seen those PNC rigging and violence strategies deployed since the 1960s against the PPP and its supporters. One gotta be very dense to have them escape our notice!! But the justification takes the cake!! Sure, slavery was a most heinous institution; perhaps the MOST heinous institution concocted by man. But to use it now as justification to prevent all other groups from not only never having power of their lives, but for the descendants of those enslaved Africans to permanently rule over them, is almost as revolting!!
The irony is that the rigging and the violence against the PPP allowed the PNC under Burnham to rule for twenty-eight long years, during which African Guyanese were “pan tap”!! But where did it get them? For instance, Burnham nationalized 80% of the economy, and had African Guyanese run the corporations; he increased the size of the armed forces by ten times its original size; and, of course, in politics, the PNC became “paramount” over the state. But that simply proved that to rule by such methods inevitably ended up creating dictatorships – in which every group suffers as “things fall apart”!
The present leaders of the PNC must now declare where they stand on the “Green Declaration”. Those who were present have been studiously silent. This will not do. We saw some of them participating in the rigging of 2020 and all – with the notable exception of ONE – supporting it!!
For the 2025 elections, candidates must be asked to renounce rigging, violence and “Pan Tapism”.

…with teachers
The teachers’ strike is going on quite strongly – but with the inevitable cracks showing up as the reality of not being paid by the Government to strike kicks in!! Now, as an old teacher back in the day, your Eyewitness is quite sympathetic to their desire to get as much as they can as fast as they can. It’s no use asking them to “bear strain”… that’s not how average people think. So, your Eyewitness understands some teachers have now adopted a new tactic – a “Teacher Standout”.
In this manoeuvre, the teachers show up in school and stand in front of their classes – but don’t teach!! Parents are understandably upset, because they’re not sending their little darlings to school to sit around twiddling their thumbs; or, worse yet, get into trouble, since they know idle minds are the Devil’s workshop!!
But your Eyewitness is pretty sure the Government isn’t gonna be paying teachers to twiddle THEIR thumbs!! He expects them to monitor matters, and take appropriate action against the standouts!!

…with Trump
Facing at least 91 various and sundry charges – not to mention being fined US$350M on only ONE of them – Trump has declared himself “an expert in law”!! Maybe on “legal fraud”??