Panko Steel Fabrication launches first golf tournament for 2021

– commences on February 7
By Timothy Jaikarran

After months of fans waiting and longing for the game of golf, they have finally got what they wanted, as Panko Steel Fabrication has launched the first golf tournament for 2021 at the Crown Mining Supplies Building located on Dennis Street, Campbellville.
This tournament will be held on Sunday February 7 at the Lusignan Golf Club, and will commence at 09:00hrs. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many sporting disciplines were put on pause, but eventually measures were put in place and things began to improve somewhat, hence the launching of the long-awaited tournament.
Opening the meeting at the brief press conference, Club Captain Patrick Prashad laid out the format of the game. He noted that the format is called “pair 9-hole better ball”, two golfers play as a team, but each plays his or her own ball throughout. On each hole, the two golfers on a team compare scores. The lower of the two scores – the better ball – counts as the team’s score partner tee off.
Better ball can be played as stroke play or as match play. It is also known by other names, including 2-Person Best Ball and Four Ball (or “fourball,” which this format is commonly called when it is played as match play in the famous Ryder Cup).
Giving her remarks, Sandy Ramsundar, General Manager of Panko Steel Fabrication, said, “Our company has been in fabrication for some years. We have fabricated places such as Giftland and Gafoors, to name a few. We have decided to sponsor this tournament because Mr Panko has been involved in golf at a young age. He moved up the ranks, growing up from a caddy to the golfer he is today. He also wanted to sponsor this tournament as he wanted to give back to the community, and also spread awareness.”
President of the Lusignan Golf Club, Pur Persaud, praised Panko, as he noted the businessman started his career as a builder, hence the choice of location for the press conference.
Persaud related that he is extremely grateful to Panko and GM Sandy Ramsundar for generously starting this year with the launch of the first golf tournament of 2021.
“Six prizes will be donated, as this is a charitable event and the winners will be rewarded and a charity of their choice. Prizes will be given from first to fifth. We encourage other companies to come on board, and we would like to note that this tournament is a COVID- conscious game. We have been given permission from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. We wish to thank Panko, and wish them well, and hope for a successful tournament. All are welcome, and as it is, we anticipate 50 persons will be participating. We welcome everyone to come see what the game of golf is about,” Persaud declared.
The prizes that will be given to the charities of the winner’s choice are as follows: first place $40,000, second place $30,000 and third place $20,000.