Parfaite Harmonie businessman, family robbed by armed men

Five armed men executed a daring robbery on a La Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD) businessman and his family in the wee hours of Tuesday. The incident reportedly occurred between 03:26h and 03:45h.
The men, who were armed with a handgun and cutlasses, escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash, one Samsung Galaxy phone, one A10 Plus mobile phone and a quantity of gold jewellery.
Based on reports received, the businessman and his wife were eating while his daughter was taking the garbage out to the front of the yard during which, she heard a gunshot.
Police stated that as a result, the girl ran back into the yard but she was followed by five armed males whose faces were covered with masks.
The perpetrator who was armed with the handgun reportedly attacked the businessman and lashed him to his head while demanding cash and other valuables. In the meantime, another bandit held the businessman’s wife, whom he claimed had all the money.
Fearful for their lives, the woman was ordered to hand over same to which she complied. She handed over a small black haversack containing the money to the perpetrators.
After receiving same, the bandits then relieved the businessman and his wife of their mobile phones and the jewellery they were wearing at the time. After committing the act, the men made good their escape on foot.
The businessman subsequently raised an alarm and the Police were summoned. The Police are investigating the matter.