Passing gas…

…for power
Caretaker Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson seems to be an acolyte of master-hustler Barnum (of “Barnum and Bailey Circus” fame) whose motto for success was “a sucker is born every minute”!! Surely, Patterson thinks Guyana is chock-full of suckers! Remember his boast a few years back that we’d have a new bridge launched across the Demerara River before the end of 2018?? Two years have passed and all we heard about the bridge is there was fraud committed when he sole-sourced the bid for the design!!
Anyhow, on the campaign trail, the fella announced, “So, we have gas. What we are doing is building out the architecture. It comes in by pipeline and we will have a 188megawatt power plant”. Really?? Right off the bat who’s the “we” in the “we have gas”?? The only gas Patterson can say he has for sure is the type that is emitted from his nether regions and gags the chauffer of his new SUV!! And no matter how much food he consumes on his entertainment expense, there’s no way THAT could drive a 188MW power plant!!
But then, Patterson went on to push his size 12 further up his mouth. He said he was talking about the gas from the oil fields that’s been developed by the Exxon Consortium and he’ll have the gas-plant ready by 2021. One wonders if Patterson is just goofy or he’s not in the loop with the Ministry of Energy. Doesn’t he know that Exxon has the rights to all the gas they bring up with the oil, even after separation in the FPSO’s? And they have the right to re-inject the said gas from 6 gas-injection wells (from Lisa 1 alone!!) to pump out as much oil as they can from their fields??
If Bynoe isn’t talking to Patterson about all of this, didn’t he check with his fellow AFC member Trotman who “negotiated” the contract to begin with?? The last bit of info Exxon released is IF they have excess gas above their needs, they COULD then make that available. But they wouldn’t know until they actually start pumping the oil out of the sea – which isn’t scheduled till 2020.
Even if we give Patterson the benefit of the doubt that he’ll get enough gas to run a 188MW power plant, has he looked into what it would take to run a pipeline from 100 miles – in waters more than one mile deep – to shore at Bohemia??
Can he count on the supply for enough years to justify/amortise the investment for the 188MW plant?
And how’s he going to get all of this done in 1 year?? Abracadabra??

…on the elections date
We all know Granger and the PNC have dug in their heels against the mandated elections date, and they’re not listening to reason and the Constitution. After their recourse to the courts failed, they turned to plan B, which was the H2H exercise which – if played right – could take us beyond the May 2020, date when elections were due in any case!!
So there were great expectations raised when the new GECOM Chair was appointed by Granger and Jagdeo. But your Eyewitness is getting a mite worried than in trying to placate the PNC Commissioners who we all know are “tryin’ a ting” and then “tryin’ another ting” to delay the elections, she’s being stretched. She shoulda sat them down and read them the riot act that they had to rise to the needs of the country!! Or else! After all she has the casting vote.
Now she’s waiting for George’s WRITTEN judgement!!

…on Virgin
Not satisfied with his tall tale on the gas-fired power plant, MPI Patterson boasted as to how Virgin Airways was interested in flying into Guyana.
“There’s no truth in this,” said Virgin.
How long is Patterson’s nose now??