Personal vendetta lends to misinformation

Dear Editor,
It is with sheer repugnance that I read once again in the Wednesday 13 April, 2016 edition of Kaieteur News regurgitating lies and half-truths to manufacture an article captioned “GFC officials are as guilty as their former political bosses for corruption — WPA Executive Member”.
I am also of the belief that Dr David Hinds, executive member of the WPA was duped by that news entity in believing the fallacy they have been publishing over and over. He needs to get the facts of the forensic audit and the response from Anand Goolsarran. It is evident now more than ever that the media house is hell bent on attacking the GFC on the management of the forest sector for perceived malpractices even after a forensic audit was conducted by the former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran clearing the GFC of any malpractice.
He was quoted in the article saying that he could not find a “single piece of concrete evidence” which actually implicated a specific individual at GFC in the irregularities. Goolsarran was further quoted:
“I am aware Government replaced the Board for the Forestry Commission. But I have to say that there was no concrete evidence to show that James Singh, for example, took decisions by himself. They were made by the former Board. I did not have hard or concrete evidence that there were irregularities carried out single-handedly by the Board.”
Yet, Kaieteur News still included in its article: “With all the instances of corruption he uncovered at the Guyana Forestry Commission, (GFC) Goolsarran made no recommendation for the Board or the GFC head, James Singh, to face any sanction.”
We have all been awaiting the outcome and completion of the various forensic audits and now that some are completed like the GFC why can’t we accept the findings? Over the past few months Kaieteur News have been quoting Anand Goolsarran as credible professional with his expertise in forensic audits so why can’t they accept his findings that there is no level of malpractice nor corruption at the GFC as is constantly being portrayed by Kaieteur News?
The reading public is very well aware of the personal grievances the owner of the newspaper have with the forestry sector, more specifically Bai Shan Lin but these attacks should not be stretched and extended to include working professionals as in this case the Commissioner of Forests and his staff.
It would be useful for those interested in the facts to read the Forensic Audit Report and the GFC Management response by visiting: content/uploads/2016/04/GFC_Forensic_Audit_2015.pdf*
and* respectively.
Meanwhile, I strongly believe that the management of Kaieteur News needs to learn acceptance rather than continue to fail as the prophet of exposing corruption and refusing to accept the facts even when provided by the competent authorities. For us all to progress as a nation we need to take the punches as they come good or bad and keep moving on rather than be stuck in a rut.

Saleem Hamid,
East Bank